The Baby Bus Group Flight!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my next group flight event! The A318, also known as the ‘baby bus’ was designed and built by Airbus in 2002, and is the smallest variant of the A320 family. Many A318s have been scrapped over the years, and nowadays there are only 2 commercial operators of the baby bus; Tarom Airlines, and Air France. Unfortunately, both of these airlines have plans to replace their A318s in the near future. Come join me as I celebrate the history of the A318 while flying from Paris to Nice 🇫🇷!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airports: Paris CDG (LFPG) - Nice-Cote D’azur (LFMN)
Date & Time: 2024-01-07T16:00:00Z

Departure Airport: LFPG

Departure runway: 26R

Accent VS: 2500 fpm

Cruise Altitude: 35000 ft.

Cruise Speed: M .78

Decent VS: Use VNAV

Arrival Airport: LFMN

Arrival Runway: 04L

Separation: 5-10 nm

Flight Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Flight Plan: Will be posted soon!


Terminal 2F

We will all be flying the Air France A318.

Gate: Pilot
F02: Reserved for @MANDELA
F04: Reserved for @MrGoatX
F08: Reserved for @Mort
F10: Reserved for @Prestoni
F14: Reserved for @Bay_Area_Aviation
F16: Reserved for @AndrewGraham
F20: Reserved for @Apple_Haye
F22: Reserved for @PhorzaSky
F26: Reserved for @marceljo14
F30: Reserved for @Carlos_Sousa
F32: Reserved for @Munich453
F66: Reserved for @Railfanner365
F84: Reserved for @Wonderousbuilder641
F86: Reserved for @United403


• I am not responsible for any violations

• Please follow the flight parameters above

• If ATC is not present, use the traffic frequency correctly

• Act professionally throughout the event

• Most importantly, have fun!

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None yet! Please P.M. me if you are interested in sponsoring.

As always, please let me know if there’s anything I am missing. I hope to see you there!


Oh heck yes 😆😆

Yes yes yes, sign me up pls

I will get both of you signed up!

MANDELA looks lonely

Yeah, let’s fix that problem 👍

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Midget bus?

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Fetus bus 🫠



Uh oh…

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Would you like to reserve a gate @Topgottem?

Aww… what a cute little baby… I’m in.

Me please!

@Prestoni unfortunately @Mort took F08 right before you. Would you like me to sign you up for a different gate instead?


Yess please

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Not sure if I can make it but put me down anyway

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LOT has never operated the A318 but Tarom does!

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Ok? But were not flying either of those airlines

Whoops, I totally meant to write Tarom and not LOT 😂

Thanks for the correction!

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I’ve got you signed up!

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