The Baby 'Bus : An interesting long-haul route

Dear IF Team and fellow pilots,

For an interesting long-haul route to try in IF from the #real-world-aviation , you might want to consider British Airways Flight 1. Operating BA’s only Airbus A318 (nicknamed the baby 'bus), the flight route is from EGLC to KJFK with a 90-min stop at EINN (aircraft can’t take the full fuel load at EGLC due to lack of room for takeoff). Up to 32 passengers are taken in the route. Leaves EGLC at 9:55 to arrive at KJFK by 15:35; you only need an hour of fuel plus contingency for the EINN leg.


Always interesting to push aircraft to the limits, whether it be a narrowbody or a widebody.



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I always find BA1 interesting. (That’s the flight number)

Interesting how they operate a A318 from such a small airport as London City (which I’m fairly local to), stop over in Shannon, Ireland (EINN) for the international border control, then carry on their way to New York JFK. The return is a straight KJFK-EGLC route though. I’ve only flown EGLC-EINN in my VERY early days of IF. I really should do this route at some point.


Thanks for reminding us of the specifics of this! I knew this existed and I’ve wanted to fly it, but I never knew the details.

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Couldn’t agree more…and I think that’s definitely one of the reasons I’m grateful for IF, it gives us the platform to do that :)

Amended the category :)

Yeah BA1 is very much the designation (sorry, I had mentioned the flight number directly and not as a callsign :) ) Yeah I’m wanting to try this route again too.

No Problem :) Glad to help a fellow sim pilot…

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It is an interesting and fun route to fly, great to be able to fly it!

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Flew this route after flying around the UK from EGLC a month or two back for the FNF. Super fun.

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Haha indeed :)

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That’s great :)

I read somewhere (here maybe) that this line is one of the most profitable in the world! Worth trying, then.

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Yup, worth a shot :)

One of the cool facts about this route is that the flight numbers (BA1 and BA2) were the Concorde’s flight numbers when BA flew them between JFK and London!


Yeah…even though that beautiful bird is gone, BA still maintains the route’s legacy of being a unique one :)


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