The B77F Routes Database

Yes! I’ll add those routes soon!

Already in the simulator

This is the routes I found for LAN Cargo one from southern air/N702GT

KJFK-RKSI | 14:09 l SOO7950
KLAX-EDDP l 11:00 l SOO97
RKSI-KLAX | 10:27 l SOO96
VHHH-RKSI | 2:59 l SOO96
EDDP-VHHH l 10:54 SOO98
KLAX-RKSI l 10:59 l SOO348
KORD-EDDP l 7:17 l SOO242
EDDP-KORD l 8:57 l SOO241

Original operater:

SCEL-KMIA l 8:30
SCEL-SBKP l 5:00
SCEL-SEQM l 5:29
SCEL-MROC l 7:07
SKBO-KMIA l 5:05
KMIA-SBGL l 8:25
SCEL-SBGL l 5:30
EHAM-EDDF l 1:00
EDDF-EHAM l 1:104
EDDF-SBKP l 12:43
SBKP-SCEL l 5:10
KMIA-EHAM l 9:00
SCEL-SKBO l 6:20
SKBO-SKRG l 0:48
SKRG-SKBO l 0:53
SCEL-SBCT l 4:30

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Do you have a flight number for the LAN Cargo routes?

Sadly no since they retired this aircraft and the flight number seems to be lost the only I can do is go for the flight numbers from the 767 or find another web for the flight numbers

@GameBoy_KIRB I’ve added those routes!

I’m taking that you forgot to put in my eva cargo routes

Oh yeah, sorry about that, I’ll add those!

This route database should be all updated by 12am tonight!

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Sorry for the delay of routes everyone.

I didn’t have time to update the route database last night due to schoolwork. I promise you that this route database will be completed by 12am tonight to this weekend.

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Thank you very much! I’ll add those to the database!

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Emirates Sky Cargo

OMDB-EBBR EK9252 7:15
EBBR-KORD EK9252 9:05
KORD-PHNL EK9252 9:20
PHNL-YSSY EK9252 9:40

The aircraft returns to Dubai with a stop at HKG.

Currently doing DXB-ORD. I have to skip BRU to test out the aircraft’s range limitations.

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Emirates SkyCargo

Flight Time: 50minutes

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Just curious.

Is there anyone that can help gather a set of airlines routes for the B77F route database? I don’t know if I’ll finish it before 12am EST with all of these airlines to add.

I’ll try, using FR24 and Wikipedia 😂. I’ll try my best tho

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ANA Cargo routes and China Southern Cargo routes have been added!

I’ve added some Emirates Sky Cargo routes, but I’ll have to finish adding the rest tomorrow morning.

Good Night everyone!

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I will collect some now

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Qatar Airways Cargo:

| QR8171 |10:50hrs | Zaragoza (LEZG) to Mexico City (MMMX) |
| QR8171 | 3:15hrs | Mexico City (MMMX) to Los Angeles (KLAX) |
| QR8172 | 9:50hrs | Los Angeles (KLAX) to Liege (EBLG) |
| QR8004 | 04:25hrs | Doha (OTHH) to Dhaka (VGHS) |
| QR8005 | 10:50hrs | Dhaka (VGHS) to Zaragoza (LEZG) |
| QR8975 | 6:50hrs | Phnom Penh to Doha (OTHH) |
| QR8749 | 5:25hrs | Doha (OTHH) to Entebbe (HUEN) |
| QR8750 | 0:50hrs | Entebbe (HUEN) to Nairobi (HKJK) |
| QR8750 | 08:30hrs | Nairobi (HKJK) to Liege (EBLG) |
| QR8751 | 2:10hrs | Liege (EBLG) to Oslo (ENGM) |
| QR8751 | 6:30hrs | Oslo (ENGM) to Doha (OTHH)
| QR8577 | 3:35hrs | Doha (OTHH) to Istanbul (LTFM) |
| QR8578 | 3:35hrs | Istanbul (LTFM) to Doha (OTHH) |
| QR8143 | 6:05hrs | Doha (OTHH) to Luxembourg (ELLX) |
| QR8143 | 9:30hrs | Luxembourg (ELLX) to Atlanta (KATL) |
| QR8144 | 9:20hrs | Atlanta (KATL) to Luxembourg (ELLX) |
| QR8144 | 5:45hrs | Luxembourg (ELLX) to Doha (OTHH)
| QR8201 | 6:15hrs | Doha (OTHH) to Amsterdam (EHAM) |
| QR8202 | 5:45hrs | Amsterdam (EHAM) to Doha (OTHH) |

The Qatar routes I got before your msg, will do Ethiad now