The B77F Routes Database

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The Boeing B777 Freighter Route Database

Welcome to the B777 Freighter Route Database! Here, you can find many routes flown by the B77F! It is comprised of routes operated by only confirmed liveries; more routes will be added when more liveries are confirmed. I hope you find this thread helpful when choosing your flight with the B77F!


Route Flight Time Callsign
VHHH - EDDP 10:47hrs BOX523
EDDP - EBBR 1:02hrs BOX116
EDDP - RKSI 9:18hrs BOX580
RKSI - VHHH 2:59hrs BOX587, BOX582
VHHH - VIDP 4:40hrs BOX593
EDDP - RJAA 10:08hrs BOX590
RJAA - VHHH 3:55hrs BOX597
VHHH - VOBL 4:47hrs BOX535
VOBL -EDDP 8:46hrs BOX535
EDDP - OBBI 5:17hrs BOX518
OBBI - VHHH 8:07hrs BOX518
VIDP - EDDP 7:11hrs BOX593
VHHH - OMDB 7:11hrs BOX599
OMDB - EDDP 5:59hrs BOX599
EDDP - EGNX 1:17hrs BOX330
EGNX - KLAX 10:01hrs BOX330
KLAX - EDDP 10:32hrs BOX331
EGNX - KCVG 7:45hrs BOX340
EDDK - EBBR 0:24min BOX181
VHHH - EDDK 11:22hrs BOX581
EDDP - VIDP 6:50hrs BOX592
EDDP - ZSPD 9:36hrs BOX570
VVTS - VTBS 1:04hrs BOX691
VVTS - EDDF 10:27hrs BOX691
EDDF - KSEA 9:40hrs BOX486
KSEA - KLAX 2:01hrs BOX486
KLAX - EDDF 10:00hrs BOX487
EDDF - MMMX 11:27hrs BOX492, BOX490
MMMX - MMGL 0:49min BOX493
MMGL - EDDF 10:01hrs BOX493
EDDF - VOMM 8:36hrs BOX624
VOMM - VHHH 4:58hrs BOX624
VHHH - EDDF 11:43hrs BOX611

Air France Cargo
Route Flight Time Callsign
LFPG - KORD 8:38hrs AF6736
KORD - LFPG 6:56hrs AF6737
LFPG - LFLC - GABS - LFPG 0:40min, 4:34hrs, 5:16hrs AF370, AF6906, AF6907
LFPG - VTBS 11:05hrs AF6728
VTBS - LFPG 11:29hrs AF165
KORD - EGPK 6:13hrs AF6739
KORD - EIDW 6:13hrs AF6735
LFPG - MMMX 10:58hrs AF6726
MMMX - LFPG 10:30hrs AF6723
MMMX - MMGL 0:51min AF6727
MMGL - LFPG 9:54hrs AF6727
MMMX - KIAH 1:48hrs AF6721
KIAH - LFPG 9:11hrs AF6721
EGPK - LFPG 1:33hrs AF6739

Route Flight Time Callsign
KCVG - EDDP 8:47hrs BOX535
KCVG - KLAX 4:00hrs K4259
KJFK- RKSI 14:10hrs SOO7930
PANC- KORD 5:30hrs SOO7640
RKSI- VHHH 3:30hrs SOO98
VHHH- PANC 9:05hrs SOO7640
EDDP- VHHH 10:15hrs SOO98
KCVG- PANC 6:00hrs SOO947
RSKI- KCVG 12:30hrs SOO276
OBBI- VHHH 8:05hrs SOO275
KLAX- EDDP 11:45hrs SOO97
RKSI- KLAX 10:25hrs SOO98A
KJFK- PANC 6:40hrs SOO7640
KCVG- EDDP 7:30hrs BOX393
OBBI- VOBL 4:05hrs BOX518
VOBL- EDDP 8:10hrs BOX535
EDDP- OBBI 5:08hrs BOX520
VTBS- VOBL 2:45hrs BOX531
KLAX - YSSY 15:00hrs DO259

Eva Air Cargo
Route Flight Time Callsign
PANC - KDFW 5:40 hrs BR698
PANC - KORD 5:40hrs BR602

Saudia Cargo
Route Flight Time Callsign
OERK - VGHS 5:39hrs SVA964
OERK - EDDF 5:18hrs SVA913
OERK - EBLG 5:32hrs SVA931
OERK - HKJK 4:07hrs SVA947
OERK - EHAM 5:30hrs SVA933
OERK - VHHH 8:34hrs SVA3988
OEJN - OERK 1:13hrs SVA914
OEJN - VHHH 9:30hrs SVA3980
OERK - HSSS 2:12hrs SVA3022
OERK - VABB 3:44hrs SVA968
OERK - ZSPD 9:36hrs SVA994

Other Notes

If there’s a route that you’d like to see one the list, feel free to request it by following this format below.

State the airline, then:

Route Flight Time Callsign
XXXX - XXXX 0:00hrs XX127

Regulars – Feel free to add to or edit this database


great topic as always, will definitely try some of these out!

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Thank you for the kind words!

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anytime, again thanks for the info, I am trying to stay in good spirits in lough of my orientation flight being cancelled today.

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Mason: posts route database
Also mason: no routes in the database 😎🗿😂


I’m going to start adding them 😂

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Cincinnati (CVG) - Leipzig (LEJ) -
flight time : 8:45

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FOR DHL btw)(

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I have a large list for DHL that i’ll post soon :)

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I’ve added that to the list!

Some Fedex Routes

EGSS - KMEM 8:32hrs FDX1
EDDF-KMEM 9:56hrs FDX3
LIMC-KMEM 10:34hrs FDX7

I’ll add those once Fedex is confirmed

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Alright, but since its in the sim rn why would it be removed?

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I’ll make a decision on whether or not to add the current liveries that are on the B77F later today


I’ve added a DHL route which is operated by Kalitta air. KCVG-KLAX.

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Ok got it! Thanks Will!

Eva Cargo
Estimated FT: 5:40

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Do you have the flight number for that flight?

Maybe you should’ve added them before posting the thread 🤔


BR602 it is @MJP_27

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