The b777-300ER landing speed calculations!

Hi, I have a problem with calculating the landing speeds compared to the weight of the plane, it’s not as realistic as it really is. You also notice that the weight of the aircraft is 20% and the speed of the aircraft is 124 knots. It’s not like the real plane speeds at this weight. The speed for this weight is supposed to be at least 138, 142, or 145. I hope that you will adjust the landing speeds of the plane so that they are closer to reality so that we can enjoy when we play the princess b777-300ER . This note may make flying the plane fun and close to reality. Thx



I could be wrong here but I’m pretty sure you can adjust the landing speeds to whatever realistic speed you’d like.

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And this the real speed

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But when I raise the speed of the plane, it is not the same in terms of the angle of incline


Oh ok I see what you mean


Are you comparing two different flights in different situations and conditions?

Remember that all landing speeds can vary depending on the aircraft’s weight and wind conditions (tailwind or headwind, airport elevation, etc. All this needs to be the same for a fair comparison.

Check this topic to see the B777 aircraft’s recommended landing and take-off speeds.


Please be honest, the plane weighs 80% and is descending at 153 knots. Is this realistic??


While the b787, although it is lighter than the b777, its descent speed is realistic in relation to its landing weight.

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This aircraft’s physics was developed with the feedback from no less than 2 real world 777 pilots.

And saying something isn’t realistic without providing data that would contradict the physics currently in place isn’t going to move anything forward :)


80% load with 150knots !!!

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No need to scream. Calm down & read what i wrote again.


I’m pretty sure landing at 80% load capacity would exceed Maximum Landing Weight…which wouldn’t be realistic in normal operating procedures. But yes the 777 can land at very low speeds at light weights. It’s what makes the Triple so versatile, that huge wing generates a lot of lift. After flying for 12 hours burning all that fuel, it’s not uncommon to see wide body aircraft coast in at 130-140kts or even slower depending on weather and other conditions. Yes it’s a simulator and things aren’t perfect, but Infinite Flight prides themselves for accurate information and rightfully so!


Also the 777 doesn’t use flaps 30 (aka full flaps for landing)! Most commonly used is, flaps 25!

Flap 30 is used rather commonly.


Hi, I was trying to piece together some of your comments and images.

And I did some test flying of the 777-300ER at a range of loads and speeds for each load.

I paid particular attention to how AoA (angle of attack) was affected by changes in your airspeed range of 120kts to 150kts, for each load of 20%, MLW, and 80%.

Heavier and/or slower and the AoA increases, and lighter and/or fast and the AoA goes flatter, also as expected.

In your 1st image, you’re slow, but you are also light. Your AoA as judged by your FPV (small circle) below the nose, doesn’t look unexpectedly out of place.

In your 2nd image, we don’t know your load or your flaps. But for a landing it’s toward a higher speed, and your AI suggests a flatter AoA as expected.

In your 3rd image you are also light and slow. As for the pitch angle shown by the AI, that’s not the same as the AoA. It would be the same if you’re flying at constant altitude, but you are presumably descending. So the AoA is higher than the pitch angle, and therefore you have a positive AoA rather than a flat one.

In your 4th image, you are very heavy, and you are at a higher speed. So the AoA is pulled higher by your weight, but pushed lower by your speed. So it’s at the balance between those two influences.

So I’m not sure I can see a problem.


I have a same problem here.
I land a 77W with about 20% load, the landing pitch with 140kts-150 is always flat (with flaps 30, 0 trim), it’s weird, I have to slow down to about 125kts and the pitch is back normal. I am not questioning the professionalism of IF team, please don’t misunderstand.

there is your problem

Then how?(10 words)

Trim, and 30% flaps, the regular flaps for landing on the 777 is flaps 25. Trim should be touched aswell. 10-40% trim would do the trick.

Thanks. Noted!

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