The B757 Route Database

Aer Lingus overhaul complete. I will be visiting every airline over the next couple of days and reformatting.

Heres thomson routes

EGCC-GCRR l 4:30 l TOM264
EGCC-LPFR l 3:00 l TOM2446
EGGW-LCPH l 4:30 l TOM5433
EGKK-GCFV l 4:10 l TOM3251
EGKK-LEPA l 2:30 l TOM4126
EGCC-LCPH l 5:00 l TOM2930
EGGW-LEMH l 2:20 l TOM5603
EGGD-GCRR l 4:30 l TOM6320
EGBB-LERS l 2:10 l TOM7256
EGGD-LIPX l 2:26 l TOM6638
EGKK-GCTS l 4:30 l TOM4354
EGCC-GCLP l 4:40 l TOM2833
EGCC-HESH l 5:30 l TOM754
EGCC-LDDU l 3:00 l TOM870
EGBB-LFBO l 1:30 l TOM7748
EGCC-GVAC l 6:15 l TOM415
EGCC-LFBO l 2:00 l TOM2722
EGCC-LPMA l 4:00 l TOM2102
EGBB-LGRP l 4:20 l TOM7644
EGKK-LGSK l 4:20 l TOM4559

If I do all routes it will go above limit

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Gotcha, I’ll add them now. Thanks for the help with the formatting.



Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Allegiant, American, British, Delta ✅

American doesn’t look very finished to me 🧐

Not saying I added all of the routes, I’m saying that I fixed the inconsistencies in the formatting. Also, charge your phone.


Go ahead and remove the DHL, FedEx and UPS routes - those liveries won’t be staying much longer

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the last 1% lasts as long as the first 90%

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Thomas Cook routes

EGCC-LEMG l 3:00 l MT10
EGBB-LTAI l 4:30 l MT563
EGCC-LFBO l 2:00 l MT298
EGCC-LTFE l 4:15 l MT2619
EGKK-DTMB l 3:25 l MT263
EGKK-GCLP l 4:30 l MT716
EGPH-GCRR l 4:40 l MT340
EGPH-GCFV l 4:45 l MT3150
EGNX-GCRR l 4:20 l MT202
EGCC-GCRR l 4:30 l MT17
EGPH-LEIB l 3:00 l MT470
EGSS-DTMB l 3:30 l MT250
EGKK-LTAI l 4:30 l MT476
EGCC-LEPA l 2:40 l MT2066
EGCC-HESH l 5:30 l MT2562
EGCC-HEGN l 5:30 l MT1518
EGNT-GCFV l 4:30 l MT6333
EGCC-LGSR l 4:05 l MT69
EGCC-GCLP l 4:30 l MT559
EGCC-CYYZ l 7:40 l MT19
EGPH-CYYZ l 7:40 l MT75
EGPH-LGKR l 3:30 l MT228
EGBB-LGRP l 4:10 l MT4046
EGKK-HESH l 5:00 l MT1626
EGNT-DTNH l 3:30 l MT6014
EGGW-URSS l 5:00 l MT9112

Also Can you replace the “TOM” (all flights) with “BY” since its the IATA in this list

They WILL NOT be removed, The generic livery exists and you can still choose to use the generic livery with the fed ex routes

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Heres Ghana routes (I know its already on the list but its the ICAO version)
DGAA-EGKK l 6:45 l G0----
DGAA-EDDL l 6:30 l G0----
DGAA-FAOR l 5:50 l G0----
DGAA-EGCC l 7:10 l G0----

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I cant add them at the moment, im sure another regular can. If not i will once i am home!!

Here’s some from Portland (Info from flightradar24 and google)

KPDX-KJFK | 5hr 3min | DL379

KPDX-KDTW | 3hr 57min | DL1211

KPDX-KATL | 4hr 20min | DL750

Cabo Verde has been confirmed heres some routes
GVAC-GOBD l 1:10 l VR620
GVAC-GVNP l 0:40 l VR6101
GVAC-DNMM l 4:20 l VR628
GVAC-SBFZ l 4:10 l VR667
GVAC-KIAD l 8:10 l VR692
GVAC-KBOS l 7:00 l VR690
GVAC-SBRF l 4:10 l VR663
GVAC-LPPT l 3:40 l VR602
GVAC-LFPG l 5:45 l VR640/VR998
GVAC-LIMC l 5:30 l VR630


two more routes to brazil

Route Number Time Route Number Time
GVAC - SBSV TCV661 04:50 SBSV -GAVC TCV662 04:17
GVAC - SBPA TCV669 07:40 SBPA -GAVC TCV670 07:04

Uzbekistan had been confirmed heres some routes

UTTT-UAAA l 1:25 l HY761
Note that some of these airports might be auto generated
UTTT-UTFF l 0:50 l HY83
UTTT-UTST l 1:00 l HY65
UTTT-OMDB l 3:30 l HY333
UTTT-WMKK l 7:40 l HY553
UTTT-URMM l 3:30 l HY645
UTTT-LTFM l 5:20 l HY271
UTTT-LIRF l 7:00 l HY257
UTTT-EGLL l 7:10 l HY201
UTTT-ULLI l 5:10 l HY631
UTTT-UHWW l 6:55 l HY707
UTTT-LFPG l 7:15 l HY251
Routes that the airline also flies too but on different aircraft but used the B757 also
UTTT-RKSI l 7:05 l HY511
UTTT-EDDF l 6:55 l HY531
UTTT-UUDD l 4:10 l Unknown
UTTT-UUWW l 4:10 l HY602
UTTT-VTBS l 6:30 l Unknown
Discontinued routes
UTTT-LTFJ l 5:17 l HY277
UTTT-LIMC l 7:10 l Unknown


They also use their 757 on UTTT-LFPG

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La Compagnie’s callsign from KEWR to LFMN is DJT201
source :
Logically, the LFMN to KEWR flight is DJT200

Route Flight Time Callsign
LFMN - KEWR 8:50hrs DJT200
KEWR - LFMN 8:50hrs DJT201
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