The B757 Route Database

Delta also has a 757 that they dedicate to the Boston Celtics that they operate out of KBED. Air craft is not stored there. It flys in and out empty when Celtics are not on it.

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Delta (these were pre-COVID, not sure if they’ll continue being 757 routes)

Route Flight Time Callsign
KMSP - KSFO ~4:00 Not Sure
KMSP - KLAX ~4:00 Not Sure
KMSP - KATL ~2:20 Not Sure
KMSP - KMCO ~3:00 Not Sure
KMSP - MMUN ~4:00 Not Sure
KMSP - KSJU ~4:00 Not Sure
KMSP - KPHX ~3:30 Not Sure
KMSP - KSEA ~4:00 Not Sure
KMSP - KPDX ~3:45 Not Sure
KMSP - PANC ~6:00 Not Sure

Aer Lingus

Route Flight Time Callsign
EIDW-KMSP ~7:00 Not Sure


Route Flight Time Callsign
BIKF-KMSP ~6:00 Not Sure

Condor (sometimes they fly a 757-300 instead of a 767 to MSP)

Route Flight Time Callsign
EDDF-KMSP ~9:00 Not Sure

For the USAF 757/C-32, that aircraft doesn’t operate regularly scheduled flights. Generally, the Vice President/Secretary of State/Secretary of Defense uses the aircraft; although the VP’s callsign is always ‘Air Force Two’ on board, SecState’s and SecDef’s callsigns vary (their callsigns don’t change, regardless of where they go on that aircraft). Sorry if it sounds like I’m being nitpicky about this.

Can someone give for TUI airways??

UPS 757-200

Route Time Callsign
KRFD-KPHL 1:35hrs 5X2190
KDEN-KPHL 3:00hrs 5X5545
KELP-KSDF 2:27hrs 5X2867
KONT-KSDF 3:30hrs 5X2411
KMHR-KSDF 3:40hrs 5X2961
KBFI-KRFD 3:05hrs 5X2991
KPDX-KONT 1:50hrs 5X2975
KDFW-KONT 2:30hrs 5X2711
KJAN-KONT 3:25hrs 5X9748
KMIA-MROC 2:20hrs 5X390
KMIA-MSLP 2:10hrs 5X364

Delta’s Anchorage Routes as of 11/21/2020


Route Flight Time Callsign
KMSP-PANC 5:54 DL447/DL669
KSEA-PANC 3:30 DL1295
KSLC-PANC 4:45 DL1127


Route Flight Time Callsign
PANC-KMSP 5:13 DL2098/DL1213
PANC-KSEA 3:25 DL1382
PANC-KSLC 4:26 DL1146

KMSP flights have two callsigns as it is 2x daily (earlier/later)

Monarch Airlines:

EGKK - LPFR | 2:15 | MON216
EGKK - LEBL | 1:42 | MON278
EGKK - LSGG | 1:09 | MON4839
EGKK - LGSK | 4:35 | MON539
EGKK - LLBG | 5:00 | MON1026
EGKK - LPMA | 2:30 | MON746

May I ask what your source for this route is? As I can’t find any evidence that a 757 operated a regular service there. Most I can find is 1 youtube vid showing them landing there once, probably for a charter.

I thought that Monarch Airlines used the 757 as a charter in the summer because the passenger numbers were likely to increase.

I can’t find anything on it

Why you don’t add this ?

Route Flight Time Callsign
BIKF - EDDM 3:45hrs FI530/32

I will, I haven’t had the time to add it yet.

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I know one. Not sure if it still flies. For Delta:
5-7 hours
Callsign: (I don’t know)

That route has been terminated, but it’s still an interesting flight

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Heres some of the routes

LFPO-KEWR l 8:35 l 100
LFPG-KEWR l 8:40 l 101
EGGW-KEWR l 8:00 l 6