The B757 Livery List

My top 3 liveries I’m most excited to see on the 757:

  1. Thomas Cook (hoping it stays and is updated without winglets)
  2. TUI
  3. Jet 2

If it’s not obvious from the list, I’m from the UK

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My Top 3 Liveries for the Boeing 757-200

  1. Icelandair - Hekla Aurora
  2. La Compagnie (Got it!)
  3. Condor - New

Top 5 liveries B757

1/ airBaltic (Air Baltic)
2/ La Compagnie BA
3/ Air Greenland !
4/ Air Belgium
5/ Cabo Verde and more…


Top 3 B757 Liveries

  1. TUI
  2. Iberia
  3. Jet2

Top 3 757 liveries

  1. Condor
  2. IceLand Air Helka Aurora
  3. United Her Art Here

I hope they will do -200F variant

It will just be the -200 model for now.


Jet2 confirmed and with an beautiful new engine roar as well


I hope they will do it in the future!

Same because it won’t be the same without it.
There are only 2 operators tho so idk

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My Top 3 B757 Liveries

1.) Condor
2:) LTU
3.) Tui

Im hoping Monarch wont be removed

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They prolly won’t remove anything, except old liveries for new ones

Hopefully Thomson is one of them its Outdated since TUI took them over

Thomson was already under the TUI Group. No takeover was needed. I hope that one stays, it’s an iconic one.

Eh true Boeing_757-28A,_Thomson_Airways_JP7663180 not sure this counts


In the 757 case, as they said they are using old liveries, I think they won’t remove any, but I’m not sure. If they remove Finnair I’ll be VERY dissapointed. My VA uses the current one frequently, and having the plane reworked would be a giant leap and hopefully more pilots would fly the aircraft.

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Okay, 757 Livery List Thread

Bullet point 3 of your favorite liveries thread.

  1. Hekla Aurora for Icelandair. This beaut is just amazing, I expressed that too much I believe.

  2. Her Art California. Artistic and awesome looking! Would also help promote some awesome artist designs by women as that was their initial goal here!

  3. CargoJet. This Canadian charter / cargo airline has an awesome livery looking like it’s from the 90’s. We won’t be getting the 757F in the 20.3 update but if the 757F does indeed have been announced, I’m hoping this is added 🥰


Here’s 757F list

  • Blue Dart Aviation

  • FedEx

  • Cargojet


Let’s continue to use the Official Tracking Thread for discussions about the Update and individual feature requests for the liveries about livery discussions 😊