The B757 Livery List

The B757 Livery List

Check out the latest WIP shot of the aircraft!

We’ve recently revealed our latest rework of the Infinite Flight fleet, the Boeing 757-200. This aircraft has proven popular as a multi-role plane, capable of flying transatlantic, transcontinental, and also domestic services. We want to celebrate this diversity in our livery choices and talk you through how we chose the liveries for this coming update. Please be aware that the livery choices for this aircraft were already finalized before our first WIP and additional votes on the forum will only count towards future additions.

Three main factors went into choosing the liveries this time around:

1. Votes on the forum

2. Trends and comments on our social media platforms

3. Promoting diversity across continents (representative to our user base)

We started off by using forum votes to gauge the long term livery desires of our community. This included the main liveries we would all expect, but also a few more unique ones with higher votes. This allowed us to include diversity knowing it had the backing of our core community.

To make sure we added the most commonly requested liveries in real-time, we monitored our social media for trends in comments about liveries. This gave us a good indication of what our community wanted in a more current way. When added to forum votes, a number of liveries stood out. These have made it to the livery list for this new update.

Now, let’s talk about diversity. We’ve put a huge focus on this with the B757, balancing it as best as possible with votes and social media requests. The rework of the B757 has two unique aspects for us here at Infinite Flight:

- It is the oldest commercial aircraft we have recently reworked, first flying in 1982

- It has had a huge number of diverse operators not found on any other reworked aircraft in our fleet

This means we can include a few unique historical liveries to promote aviation in other nations that would otherwise not get an aircraft livery in the simulator. While this small handful of liveries may not have had the highest number of votes, promoting diversity includes positively seeking to increase diversity where possible. It also means that more liveries than normal will be retired to make way for this diversity.

We want to make sure as many countries, people, and places are represented within our Infinite Flight fleet, reflecting the huge diversity of our worldwide Infinite Flight community. We also want to make sure that votes and social media comments ensure that the most requested aircraft are added where possible. This is the balance we find when creating all livery lists for aircraft, and the B757 is a prime example of this.


Thanks for the updates @MishaCamp!


Read read read, thanks Misha.


This is fantastic!

Lol I thought this was the actual livery list when I first saw this 😂 Anyways, Thanks for the updates Misha.


Nice , the cabo verde one clearly shows diversity :p , +20 votes too ! So I guess it respects the conditions written above.
This archipelago is absolutely breathtaking for real. 🔥🔥🔥

Here is the thread btw 🇨🇻


The 75 being the first narrow body getting a rework with its age of nearly 40 years old, it was bound to have a diverse list of operators. Now with that said if the chrome AA livery makes the cut I’m Gucci😂


Interesting post. Is there any chance we could see the finalised livery list? Or will this be released closer to the time to avoid the constant “what about this one…!!!” questions?


Great information to have , thanks Misha! Hopefully there’s a decent amount of European liveries ;) .

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I hope the diversity and uniqueness means the Air Greenland livery made the cut

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Thanks for the information Misha… I’m sad to think that the Aurora Hekla livery likely didn’t make the cut in that case – I think our votes on it really took off after the rework was announced. It’s such a beautiful livery :/ Anyway, looking forward to seeing what was included in the near future!

Nice to see that diversity has been given attention. Looking forward to seeing the list.

Love to see those 757 scimitar winglets being added to the game! 😍


Hope diversity means Jet2Holidays


I think diversity is a great way to gauge into the direction any company wants to go because you touch on a lot of the user base and they can relate. I really love how it’s emphasized here because it really shows how much Infinite Flight cares for all of its user base around the world and can satisfy everyone around the world with a livery they can relate to for example. Looking forward to this iconic aircraft in history getting a much needed rework. Thank you Misha, and the rest of the Infinite Flight crew who make this happen. You really don’t see too many big companies showcasing diversity in a product.


Wait so this isn’t the list, but rather an explanation for the list…🤔

the title is quite misleading


I agree, when I saw this I thought we would recieve a full list


Here come people thinking this is the list and not an explanation. I think this topic clarifies why non-popular liveries like Crystal Luxury Air were added. I cannot wait and I will be happy no matter what liveries are going to be added!


I see a scimitar winglet, which means…

Icelandair and United Airlines!