The B747 series need to be reworked

As you see, the Boeing 747series including 747-200,400,8i,are not equipped with APP mode which makes the landing hard, especially for those big guys. And the lack of dynamic cockpit instruments and different view including cabin and co-pilot etc. makes the flying experience bad. Maybe it is time for IF team to take consideration to get those old guys rework. It would be a milestone of having a big airplane with full mechanical gauges rather than LCD screens for a trans ocean flight.


Big guys land without APPR, but this just comes with experience. You can always vote for a rework here, just keep in mind that even if it would be selected, it won’t come soon, as there’s a lot of difference between the variants, thus it would probably take even longer than the 777, as well as the fact that it will need to go back to the end of the model pipeline and wait before ERJ and F18 are finished


I agree lol

Only in very desperate situations you would use APPR

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Yeah, but without APPR mode in crosswind landing and low visibility weather is really hard.

You can try landing using just the ILS(for low visibility) and for crosswind you can try fighting it

That’s what I do anyway

If you want to see a rework, support it by voting on the topic linked below!