The B737BBJ Is Underrated

Just an 13:40h flight from L.A. to Skiathos in a B737-BBJ.

Long hauls with Wide-Bodies: Overrated. Long Hauls with the B737BBJ: More than Underrated. That’s it.

According to a few people, the most important part of a S&V topic is the details, and sometimes the pictures don't even count :)

Aircraft: ur blind or what lol
Route: Do u even read?
Server: Just guess it ok?

Imagine that the Jet Bridge is connected, ok?

Taxiing to the most underrated runway in the whole SoCal…

Bye Bye L.A.
As an extra, you can see the TaRmAc lights through the TBIT, which will (hopefully) be gone in a “future”.

Sometimes, they criticize about not enough diversity in airports, targeting mainly LAX. But they ignore the scenery, sometimes…

Somewhere in the North Atlantic

Moonshots: Overrated. Cabin shots: Underrated

Hello Skiathos, your caribbean sister told me a lot about you.

Here you can see the one and only @ToasterStroodie, In his Ryanair B738.

My 10kts tail-crosswind landing was meh BTW…

Finishing up with a bit of traffic as a very realistic Delta B752 breaks hard.

Anyways, now to the spamming scetion, be sure to check out The MMUN Fly-In , which is in about two weeks!

Until next time, if not, until April 1st folks. Bye Bye!

I can already feel Rick Astley rushing to April 1st…


You think you edited them enough? lol Nice flight!

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Yes, because I sometimes want them to look pretty in a topic which sometimes is not about it or the opposite LMAO. Thank you :)