The B737 has (part of) a cabin! Nearly

Look! The this is a 737. I positioned the free cam where the cabin would be, and there is a random floating door (1R).


I thought it was worth sharing.

EDIT: I am not saying we will get a cabin, or requesting it. I didn’t realise this was already the case

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure those were there to begin with.

Unfortunately this isn’t anything new. This was here since the B737 was first reworked many years ago :/ I don’t think the team can add a cabin to the 737 like they were able to add the cockpit; a cabin would require an entire rework of the airplane.


Oh, yeah, I’m not requesting a cabin. I would have put it in features. Didn’t realise that it is an old thing, I haven’t ever seen it, sorry


Its all good. I think I had the same reaction when I first saw it…

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I don’t think we’ll get a cabin any time soon, or possibly ever.
Now I’m not a developer or anything but one would assume a cabin on the 737 would require a complete rework on the 3D model to be scaled correctly, such as the 777.
Seeing as how they only focused on the cockpit rework, I don’t think developers want to go back to the drawing board on an already good aircraft, waste time and rather focus on new developments
This is just an opinion though, so don’t be surprised if we do get one

I have edited my original post.

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