The B412 Sniffer

The sniffer

It’s 2023, the US and Russia are in a brand new Cold War. US Defcon is 2. This is the US Alerting system for nuclear war. Russia is currently experience a civil war, a terror organization known as Red Fallows has been increasing it memberships as 2023 carries on. By July the Red Fallows have over thrown the Russian Government and are waging war with the US. The United Nations along with allies with the Russians and United States work on a resolution. By November nuclear war is now a reality. November 30th the first of several BZhRK Barguzin are launched towards Portland Oregon. Defcon 1 is now alerted the US and Russia have entered Nuclear War. The missile strikes Portland Oregon. The US declares a State of Emergency. The US Department of Energy launches sniffer helicopters, a Bell 412EP into the zone. The 412 has one specific job. Sniff out nuclear chemicals.

This the Bell 412 flies around Portland and sends important information to first responders. It responds the blast zone, safety zone and how long first responders maybe in these zones.

As the 412 remains on site it provides real world up to date information. As the wind blows the fall out from the nuclear missile the 412 continues to stalk and sniff it.


Never seen such a helicopter!

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