The B21!

The Air Force on Friday announced it has chosen Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma to maintain and sustain the B-21, and Edwards Air Force Base in California to handle testing and evaluation of the advanced long-range strike bomber.

In a release, the Air Force said the Air Logistics Complex at Tinker, part of the Air Force Sustainment Center there, has the knowledge and expertise to handle the Northrop Grumman bomber’s depot maintenance.

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Spoiler alert, it already has oxygen issues and is delayed from release deadline. Oh wait sorry Lockheed 🤷‍♂️😂


You would have a spoiler! @Asneed8706

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Pretty excited to possibly see this thing in action at my first station and home lol. Definitely will keep my eyes to the sky for more than just the E3 in OKC.

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A deadlier, stealthier version of the B-2?! Glad its on our side (America).


Why does the name B-21 sound so familiar?

Surprising that it’s not unmanned. That’s surely what I would have expected.

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