The Awesome Addis Ababa Flyout (CANCELED)

Hello and welcome to Addis Ababa! Addis Ababa is a city in the African country Ethiopia! It is one of the biggest cities in East Africa and it is the 5th biggest city in all of Africa. Ethiopian Airlines has almost all of their flights out of here with it being their main hub. I hope we all have some fun flying out of this amazing city!

There is no gate assignments or ATC assignments for this event! To sign up, please select “going” at the bottom of this topic!

Short Haul
Airline Plane Destination Flight Time
Ethiopian DH8D Bahir Dar 1:10
Ethiopian DH8D Dire Dawa 1:10
Ethiopian DH8D Jimma 1:05
Ethiopian B737(Generic) Juba 1:20
Ethiopian B787 Nairobi 1:30
Ethiopian B738(Generic) Kigali 2:05
Medium Haul
Airline Plane Destination Flight Time
Ethiopian B778 Cairo 3:20
Ethiopian B738 Victoria 3:30
Emirates B77W Dubai 3:50
Qatar Airways B77W Doha 4:00
Turkish A333 Istanbul 5:00
Ethiopian A359 Rome 5:40
Ethiopian B788 Delhi 5:50
Long Haul
Airline Plane Destination Flight Time
Ethiopian B789 Stockholm 7:00
Ethiopian A359 London Heathrow 7:20
Ethiopian B788 Seoul 10:40
Ethiopian A359 Beijing Capital 11:50
Ethiopian B788 Sao Paulo 12:00

  • I am not responsible for any violations received
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Use Unicom correctly if no ATC
  • This event is on the expert server so make sure you are at least grade 3
  • Please spawn at or before 2023-09-16T16:45:00Z
  • Feel free to stream on YouTube
  • Have fun!

I simply can’t pass up this opportunity!! Come event day… Expect Turkish 403 heavy cruising the east Africa sky’s


amazing flight 😍

Definitely gonna be flying one of the SWVA codeshares at this event

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flying to dulles for this one

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both sound like very fun flights

I think I’ll be doing this one!

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I think I will do this

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that sounds like fun!

can’t wait for this event!

you guys can use flight connections to find a route you want to fly 😁

Want do this one!

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Can’t wait for this event!!


Looks interesting


Can’t wait for this!

I’m considering canceling due to lack of interest but I’m not sure just yet


This event has now been canceled due to lack of interest, thanks to the people who wanted to come


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