The “away” icon

So I saw in the loading screen that tapping the “away” icon will let ATC know that you are not there, but I can’t find it anywhere. Where is the icon?

I believe after 2 minutes of not touching your screen center will see that

There is a little dot on the controllers screen and they can tell when an aircraft is away for a certain amount of time.

This is correct, you do not need to do anything. By not touching the screen for 2 minutes you will show as away.


Ok. I believe this also works for approach and departure, right?

Every frequency can see it, you can even see it as a pilot.

Okay. So does leaving your device mean not contacting ATC or does it mean not touching your screen at all?

Not touching your device at all, the screen. You don’t need to be active during cruise when you’re with ATC.

This feature helps controllers know that you are inactive, even when descending :)


However, you can still be violated when you are decsending and climbing and marked as “away”. Make sure to be present at your device for the entirety of you climb/descent, as only during cruise will controllers ignore you if you are marked"away"!

(I know this is Off Topic but I saw you flying out of SFO.)


If you do oversleep or are away, the controllers will know, you wont be reported but most likely recieve violations for overspeed

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You can get a violation for “unresponsive while climbing/descending”, which is a L2 or L3. Always be at your device during these critical phases at your device. Even if you don’t touch the device and are marked away, you need to respond to ATC if you descend or climb. If you oversleep with VNAV engaged, you will automatically descend which can cause a L2 or L3 if ATC is present, as ATC will only ignore you during cruise.


Alright, thanks for the help everyone!