The away feature

Evening all! As of seen recently “pro tip use away soma to let atc know ur not there” Uhm yeah how’d you use it and how’s you know if there away ?

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The away icon will show to ATC when there is a lack of input on the device for some time, putting you into that state.

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How long? I mean what are we talking? 10’s 20’s Q’s 50’s?

I believe that is 2 minutes.

Whatttttt I could put a frappe together in that time…

If you’re curious what it looks like on the controller end of things, your flight progress strip will have a hollow orange dot that shows you’re away, rather than a solid green dot. When your status is away, you’ll be left alone and conflicts will be deemed unintentional

Thanks mr Boston man! Is this same for training server? Hope to see you in the skies and controlling when I come back soon!

It’ll show the same everywhere.

Thanks Mr Boston motorbike man! <3

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