The Austrian sky @ LOWW - 301730ZMAR19

This is a short flight in the alps. We will fly from LOWW to LOWG. I will be happy if you join!

Server: Training

Airport: LOWW-LOWG

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: We will fly from LOWW to LOWG in the generic E-195 or in the Dash-8Q400.
Please spawn at 1745Z. If you want a Gate, comment here with your callsign.
We will cruise at FL 200 with 340kt.When below FL100 use 240kt. Use 2000ft/m.
Also comment if you want to be controller.
Copy the flightplan from IQ300!

Gate C31:
Gate C32:
Gate C33:
Gate C34:
Gate C35:
Gate C36:
Gate C37: @infiniteflight_schoo
Gate C38:
Gate C39:
Gate C40:
Gate C41: @FlyboyFly
Gate C42:

Tower/Ground LOWW: @Benrdutch
Approach LOWG:
Tower/Ground LOWG: @Benrdutch

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Please try to include more information such as the List of Gates and Destinations! Also try and make your event thread look more aesthetically pleasing (more vibrant and eye-catching) as that is what attracts more people.

Also, your title says this event begins at LOWG (Graz Airport in Southern Austria), whereas your event info says it begins at LOWW (Vienna Airport). Which one is it.

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We takeoff at LOWW and land at LOWG

I added some pictures. I hope you like it now!

I can control

At what airport and will you be TWR/GR or APPR?

I’ll be tower and ground for both airports

OK! I will add you in the list.

ATC is online now

We will depart earlier at 1730Z.If the time is not ok, comment please here.

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