The Australian Fly

Come to Sydney Kingsford Smith (YSSY) to join.
(Qantas Livery Only)
Event will go on:
From: 4:00pm (AEST) Wednesday 15th July
To: 10:00pm (AEST) Wednesday 15th July

Fly around Sydney Kingsford getting to know people, doing trips from YSSY to Canberra YSCB. Meet in ATC Playground at time above.

Have Fun Everybody!

P.S. My call sign is BE48ST a.k.a. Captain Best

This is my first post hope you like!


If you could send me your callsign so I get to know you. REMEMBER THIS CHOICE IS ONLY UP TO YOU


Awesome! I’m definitely in!
Name: IFFG James
Call sign: (which ever plane I’m flying in)

Will join after work &a dinner. Say start around 7pm AEST.

Nice to see some Aussie events!

I’ll join around 5:30pm AEST from YSSY. 717-200 Qantas Livery. I’ll use my standard GA call sign N1986MJ

Count me in! Airbus a380-800, my GA callsign N383MA.

I’m going to come!

Name: Spectrum Australia
Call sign: (what ever Qantas I’m in)

Thank to all you guys

See you there!

Hi just wondering what time would that be in utc or gmt 0?

I’m N881NB, will try to get in if I can!

Hi John in GMT time starts 6am and finishes 12pm

Hey I’ll make a Facebook event for this on IFFG!

Thanks James

Correction: joining from NZ time so 6PM for me then.

I’m happy to run either YSCB or YSSY tower if it’s free anytime between 5:30AEST and 8:00AEST

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If anyone could be ATC for YSSY and YSCB would be much appreciated.


I will be in an 747-4

I’ll have a crack at one of those airports if free. I’m in London though, currently 6.45am here so have to leave for work around 8.30 !

Event has Started

Ok I’m doing ground and tower at YSCB, hope to see y ’ all soon. Tower frequency 118.70 please…