The Aussie Outback

Hey there!

I haven’t flown at all in the Sydney region of IF or the B717, so I decided to do a short hop from Canberra to Sydney.

Flying the B717 Is definitively a challenge. Nailed the landing though 😉

Flight info

Route: YSCB (Canberra) —> YSSY (Sydney)
Flight time: 30 minutes
Aircraft in operation: Qantas Link B717


Line-up at YSCB


Approach on 34R at Sydney


Thanks for looking! And as always, see you around, or in the skies!

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Great photos! Nice to see some 717 action finally.


Thanks mate. She’s a though bird, but a lot of fun to fly!


Awesome photos

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Thanks mate!

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I see, the rain.

Great photos, and it’s nice to see the 717 actually being used, I think the last time it was used in a #screenshots-and-videos was a trip report.

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Has been a long time since I last flew there or with the 717.
These pictures are very nice and bring back a few lovely memories, still nice to see the scenery without it looking like the English countryside as it was pre-global!

Thanks for sharing!

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Very Nice! I like the 717. I need to practice buttering, but it is a great plane!

I bet it was a rough landing. I can never land the 717.


Need to give it a try. Never actually flown it. Do u recommend any particular routes? Nice shots btw

I respect the use of the Boeing 717. All pictures are great except the first one. 👍

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Great Photos. With the first one the Overlay doesn’t really go as thats a window and there’s no building next to runway in canberra but anyways Great Photo!

Believe it or not, I actually did a good landing! And I’m not even joking!

Thanks everyone!

The title is not meant to actually effect one in anyway. I said Aussie Outback, because to me I see Australia as a cool dry-like place.

Thanks anyways…

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717 is way to hard.

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Well I don’t see how it got flagged because I did clearly say something about your pictures. Anyway I was just stating that it wasn’t the Outback but don’t take it personally mate I was just advising you.

What speed did you approach at?

At 140knts

Gotcha thanks:)

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