the ATR 42-200 family in Infinite Flight

Hello, I personally really like the ATR series of aircraft and I’m sure that others do too… Here is information regarding the ATR family. I think that the ATR aircraft will be a great addition to infinite flight as it lacks of turboprops. I appreciate what all the developers here at Infinite Flight do, and I hope that they never stop putting their best effort that goes into modelling aircraft… The ATR 42-200 series is in my opinion, the perfect solution to fill the Turboprop selection of aircraft due to it’s small passenger capacity… I think that this aircraft would be great for pilots to do island hopping in larger planes…

ATR 42
The ATR 42 is a twin-[turboprop short-haul [regional airliner] developed and manufactured in France and Italy by [ATR] (Aerei da Trasporto Regionale or Avions de transport régional), a [joint venture] formed by French aerospace company, now Airbus and Italian aviation conglomerate [Aeritalia](now [Leonardo S.p.A.]). The number “42” in its name is derived from the aircraft’s standard seating configuration in a passenger-carrying configuration, which typically varies between 40 and 52 passengers.

Credit goes to RocketRoute for the picture…

Specifications about ATR 42-200
The −200 was the original ATR 42 prototype and only a few were built for testing purposes.However, there were some operators that used this aircraft in their fleet… It was powered by Pratt and Whitney Canada[PW120} engines rated at 1,800 shp (1,300 kW).

There are many operators such as Regional, military and governmental usage of the ATR 42.
The ATR 42 is good for short regional flights as it carries sufficient cargo, fuel, and passengers.

ATR 42-200 booklet
|Seating| 48|
|Length| 22.67 m (74 ft 5 in)|
|Wingspan| 24.57 m (80 ft 7 in)|
|Height| 7.59 m (24 ft 11 in)|

|Wing area| 54.5 m2 (587 sq ft)|
|Aspect ratio| 11.08|
|Empty weight| 10,285 kg - 22,680 lb|11,050 kg - 24,361 lb|11,550 kg - 25,463 lb|
|[MTOW]| 16,900 kg - 37,257 lb|18,200 kg - 40,123 lb|18,600 kg - 41,005 lb|

|Fuel capacity| 4,500 kg - 9,921 lb|
|Engines} (×2)|[PW120| Prat and Whitney Canada PW120
|Power| 1,800 hp (1,300 kW)
-320 : 1,900 hp (1,400 kW)|1,980 hp (1,480 kW)|2,160 hp (1,610 kW)|

|Cruise speed| 270 kn - 500 km/h|261 kn - 484 km/h|300 kn - 556 km/h|
|48 pax [range| 459 nmi (850 km)|794 nmi (1,470 km)|716 nmi (1,326|

Information on ATR-42 sales
On 21 August 1990, US airline [American Eagle placed a large order for 100 ATRs, composed of 41 ATR 42s and 59 ATR 72s, further consolidating ATR’s position in [North America} On 5 September 1997, American Eagle took delivery of the 500th ATR to be built.

ATR gains foothold in the Cuban market following an order from airline. [Cubana de Aviacion] for the ATR 42 During 2000, the combined global ATR fleet attained its 10,000,000th flight, during which a cumulative distance of approximately 4 billion kilometers (2.5 billion statute miles) had been traversed and around 450 million passengers had flown onboard ATR-built aircraft. In 2007, the ATR set a new record for the programmer’s sales, a total of 113 new ATR aircraft having been ordered during a single year.

I really hope that this information that I have prepared is enough for you guys to be satisfied to vote.
Most of this information that I got is from Wikipedia. Happy Voting!

Wouldn’t this fall into the category of the ATR 42 family?

Yes but I have some information that’s Specifically taken towards the ATR 42-200 variant. The person that you stated in the thread doesn’t focus on any specific variant of the ATR 42…

My bad then. Thought if it was general feature then it wouldn’t be necessary to post more specific variants.

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No worries, all I wanted to say was that I was focusing on a specific variant because it has some things that are good for IF…

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You seem to contradict yourself, A LOT.

You have a short intro into the -200 before moving onto the generic stuff, with a copy and paste paragraph of the -200 specs. The fact the -200 was only a prototype (according to your research) means it wouldn’t really ve relevent to IF, however the other varients which were and are flown by numerous real world operators are.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say… Yes, it was experimental, and it clearly states that few were produced and were used…

The “generic” stuff that you think I said, isn’t generic, it’s information on what the ATR 42-200’s descender’s are. It shows on how operators fly different types of the versions of this aircraft. Yes, I might have stated some irrelevant information, which I will edit, but that doesn’'t mean that all of my info is irrelevant…

Airliners in IF are mass produced and used daily by airlines around the world, an experimental aircraft is not and probably not relevent, in my opinion, to Infinite Flight. The other variants which were in the request posted in the first reply (before being wrongly deleted) is a more relecent request, I do not see you gaining traction here when it doesn’t actually tell us very much about the -200.

So in Conclusion… your request could be considered either a duplicate or irrelevent request and each user here is entitled to reply their thoughts. My thoughts are very clear and my vote on the ATR family rather than a single version that has never flown commercially will stay that way.

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I personally think that you are taking this too seriously… Your info that you stated isn’t intirelly wrong, but neither was it further right… as there were a few experimental ATR 42-200’s that in the end, were used for commercial purposes…

So are you saying that I should close this post?

There, I have flagged this topic…