The Atlantic whale

Hey there. I’m back with more pics. This time with whale pics.


I was bored for today so I started a flight. A long flight but not too long (turned out to be too long) and not too short. So I decided to do LFPG (Paris Charles de Gaulle) to KMIA (Miami international) where the scenery were with both breathtaking. I flew with of course…, the whale. Even though it’s very big, I think it’s a beautiful aircraft. It can make majestic turns and you’ll see them in here too.
I only edited 1 pic, for you to figure out which.

Flight info

route: Paris (Charles de Gaulle) - Miami international
aircraft: A380-800
livery: AirFrance
flight time: around 10 hours

Picture time

Spawned in at just the right moment, here you see a small AirFrance aircraft and the largest passenger aircraft in the world

nice view of Paris

turning out of France, let’s go to America

sun was slowly setting

entered US airspace

Sunset while approaching runway 9 at KMIA

on final with an Avianca a320 taking off

Thank you guys for watching and hope to see you next time🛫😄


Stunning pictures! I like how you named the A380 a “Whale”. The name however is used on the Airbus Beluga instead but this still makes sense anyways.


i was flew pass you at 35000ft dont know if you saw me but i flew out from Miami

nice photos

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Other people call it whale too, so I gave it a shot🤷‍♂️

@LeonardIF18 yeah I saw you😂, hope you had a great flight


Amazing pics very nice and amazing background

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Thanks mate😃

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Amazing scenery this game keeps getting better and better


Yes, I think the scenery is getting really realistic now. Especially on sunsets

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Nice pics been wanting to fly the A380 for a bit now but haven’t had the chance ✈

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Okay, good luck. Hope you can fly one of these amazing birds🙂