The Atlanta Flyout!

Hey IFC!

Today I had a ton of fun at the Atlanta Flyout hosted by the one, and only;

It was a ton of fun with over 60 attendees, and was able to get some very nice shots of some aircraft!

First off we have @anon42527263, in Southwest 737, with the beautiful moon in the back!

Now we have the Southwest Terminal!
Some community members in the Southwest terminal were:
@Niccckk, @Bravo59, and @anon42527263

Now we have the Delta terminal!
A community member that I saw here was @Jetcentric!


Now we have 2 American Airlines aircraft
These two people were @Luke_Sta and @Devon_Mo_piedmont114!

Next we have a picture form the International terminal!
Users here are @Dingus @Menthesuphisth and @SirMarkieMark!
I was in the Korean Air 747-800!

Me rotating next to the Southwest Terminal!

We have @Dingus taking off, bound for Istanbul, but having to divert to JFK

Lastly, we have @anon45500775 taking off in his 757!

Sorry, for the tags everyone!

I just want to thank @Bray for making such a cool and fun event!

See you in the skies!


Thank you for that amazing moonshot


No problem man! I saw the moon right were you took off and I was like: yea, thats a good moonshot! lol


This event was really fun! The funny thing is though is that I think most of us are still in the air XD

Also amazing photos!


Yes, I am too! lol Glad you had fun!

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Amazing pics, @Scandanavian54super!
I am curious to figure out on how I can be a member of Delta terminal…

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Nice shots! Thanks for the event! Had a good time!


@SirMarkieMark, yes, It was a lot of fun!

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Thank you for tagging! Was a lovely event! A small E175 next to such big planes HWUAHWUAHWUHAWUW

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Can bet on that one I still have 1 hour and 40 minutes to go🤣👍👍


Just landed in KBOS, was one of the SWVA bros


I forgot to message on this. Amazing Pictures! I love my moon shoot :) I haven’t landed yet


Thanks! Glad you like it!

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53 mins out from EGLL!!!

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Looks like fun, sorry I missed it!

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on the 5th picture,i think thats me sticking out, the 2nd a321 from the bottom image


Amazing photos! I really like the 2 last ones!😀👍

Lol you got me in one of the Southwest ones. I was the Delta plane in the background and the only plane at that terminal as everyone else didn’t show up.

Couldn’t make this one but looks super fun.

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wowowowow the moon picture ! how did I take a similiar picture ? what camere position?