What is is? Automated atc?

Google is your best friend on this one, ;)

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ATIS is not currently in use in IF. :) It may or may not do a comeback sometime in the future. However, you have most ATIS information in the “weather” section in the menu


(I think)
It reads you the weather information, and other important information about arriving runways, and departing runways, etc.

I you tubed it I hope they add it

It was in the sim previously, but was removed for various reasons…

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Many do ;). It was supported in IF before, until it got removed as it didn’t work to good. And wasn’t really necessary.

If they reworked the 787 and added two more variants, then the ATIS will come back in the future.

I don’t see how the 787 getting reworked gets into this picture about ATIS…?

That they remade it piece by piece, so they’ll be able to remake the ATIS so as to be used without complications.

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