The ATC Wonders of TimB

This post is to acknowledge and show off the amazing ATCing of @Tim_B.

Just flew into Orlando during today’s Expert Server ATC schedule and found Tim Controlling every station (ground, tower, approach, departure, and ATIS) - so amazing. See the photo below to see one of the approaches that he was vectoring aircraft to do, right over the arriving aircraft of the busy class Bravo airport! Lastly, he was really good with his responses times, keep in mind he was controlling many aircraft over the 4 stations he was controlling.

Awesome work Tim,



@Tim_B is truly a god. Thanks


Yes Tim always controls all of the frequencies and does a fabulous job. How he does it I don’t know its juts pure skill.


Read his story/interview about him controlling 5 frequencies. It’s amazing!


5 frequencies? That’s insane! Well done Tim!


He is a legend as a controller.


Tim is probably one of my favorite IFATC controllers, just for this reason ;)

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This is why he scares me in the IFATC Slack…

too much skill.

Let’s go blues!


@Tim_B ‘s knowledge and expertise in IF Air Traffic Control is truly fascinating.


I always wondered if computer programmers and software engineers would make the best air traffic controllers, well in this case the assumption is correct because in my opinion ATC is similar to coding the logic subroutines in a program and dealing with the boolean logic aspects of it, and equating a traffic pattern to a logic loop using IF THEN AND and similar commands to define the active scenario as well as be able to visualize in advance and almost instantaneously plot and flowchart what the potential interactions will be based on positional data at a future point in time, that said maybe one day they can do a survey of current and past irl ATC and see if my assumption has any validity, so kudos again to @Tim_B who incidentally very recently changed his profile pic from…l neither have the time or crayons to explain this to you or something like that, how appropriate a slogan for an ATC, but since there are a select few others who are able to hold down singlehandedly all five IFATC positions and maybe even clearance/delivery and center at sometime in the future, l would also like to give honorable mention here to veteran IFATC @art_martinez who not only manages to be a multiposition controller as well at times, but also has a even busier virtual life running both IFAE and GAF all almost without missing a beat, along with providing amazing support and direction for hundreds of virtual pilots and being their mentor for maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in this sim.


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