The ATC Staffing Evolution Continues

I’m looking forward to it!

If this works the same as before, it is similar to a FNF. A collection of airports will be chosen for an amount of time and if no one is controlling the hub airport or other highlighted ones, you can control it. You do not need to add your name to the schedule.

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This is correct.


I don’t wanna see any topics on complaints of this unless it’s constructive criticism 😂, it’s been a long journey of toxic topics on ATC for the past few months.


Wow this is amazing! Cant wait for this to start!

Wow, wow! Can’t wait to fly and control with the new ATC System! Thanks, Tyler and everyone! :)


Looking forward, hopefully this will bring more coverage to often overlooked regions like Africa!


Brilliant! Looking forward to this

Well, we don’t want to say that users cannot express any negative opinions on the new system. Everyone’s voice matter, but I do understand where you’re coming from. I think this will be a good compromise for everyone, both controllers and pilots!


It’ll be important to ensure we manage our expectations a bit in terms of underserved areas. The permanent ATC schedule and ATC region systems never produced heavy traffic or ATC staffing in certain areas. While it’s nice to feature them on occasion I don’t plan to use this schedule to force certain airports/regions that have already proven to be less than desirable.

The 3-5 airports will serve as a nice daily anchor for pilots to find predictable service but also for controllers to choose complimenting airports which they’re now completely free to do.

October’s schedule will primarily feature new airports which never got their proper spotlight! I look forward to this next chapter with you all. 🙂


Can’t wait to fly with the new ATC System!

Really looking forward to the return of ATC Schedulen😍

I don’t know how to old ATC system operated, but this is definitely going to be a lot nicer experience for pilots, as well as more freedom for us controllers.

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It’s a wonderful idea, most IFATC controllers will be eager to carry out this new system!

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Looking forward to this 🙏🏾

Amazing system that let pilots predict active ATC at featured airports whilst maintaining controllers freedom worldwide. Hope this makes everyone happy 🙏


Yes!! This will be way better!

Passion Maketh Perfect.


Really looking forward to this! Both on the ATC and flying side. I don’t think the regions were a total failure. Like you said…sometimes change can reveal what is needed. I think this is a great alternative that really works for everybody. Thanks for making the change and always keeping an open mind! This is gonna be great! Thanks, Tyler!


Nice!! lot of people will love this system! Thanks to Tyler and the IF staff for making this system!