the atc screen glitching out and pushback

i have two problems here, one: whenever im on the ground, and i go into the atc screen it keeps glitching out ( constantly flashing, or appearing and disappearing). i dont know if it is only happening to me, or everyone.
2. depending on the view of the plane in normal mode again on the ground, it freezes during taxiing and push back, and again ive got no idea why

Restart your device, and if you still have problems, reinstall Infinite Flight

Make sure you are good on memory. What device do you have and how many GB of memory do you have? Make sure there are no other apps running in the background.

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Seems to be happening to me also, keeps freezing right?

Hi. Yes happening to me too. Atc window pops back on and off the screen all the time. It might stabilise at some point, or not. But lots of ATC messages that go wrong because of this.

yeah it does, dont know why


Here’s a few things that may help:

-Device Re-start.

-Infinite Flight Re-Instillation.

-Make sure you have not ‘Jail Broken’ your device.

Thanks :)

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thanks, reinstalling infinite flight helped

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So, it’s solved then?

i guess so…

In that case please tickle the message that helped the most…