The ATC Problem On Expert Server

I never seem to have a problem with IFATC, yet today for some reason despite having obeyed all the ATC instructions except for one, I got banned. I don’t know whether they had a legitimate reason or not, but the reason for banning was shown as not “following my flight plan”. Now I had strictly adhered to my flight plan and all I did not do for the ATC was make a change in the heading that was not even in intersection with Runway 15 at EGBB. So i strictly adhered to my flight plan, yet got kicked out for the exact opposite of what I was doing, and it essentially ruined an 8 hr long flight in Expert server, and now means i miss another 7 days of Expert server. Please help.

Please look in your logbook to find the name of the controller who ghosted you

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Contact controller PM!

What is that?

Private message

Go into the main menu —> logbook---->then the flight you were ghosted

Ok, how do i do that??? Sry, bit of a noob at this community thing

Oh ok thanks

[RAH] is his name

@rah was your controller. Please send a message to him and he will explain why you were ghosted.

Ok thanks a lot for such an early response

As @TimShan05 said, look for the controller name in the logbook, then search it here Infinite Flight FPL Converter for the IFC name, then click on the user profile and message him.

Contact @RAH

Thank you both @TimShan05 and @BinaryChess

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It explicitly said “not following flight plan”

Please do not try and speculate what happened. Only the controller, mods and the pilot who was ghosted should be involved.


Please send your controller a PM; thanks you 😊