The ATC does not see my messages.

What server is this on?

If it’s Training server, then there isn’t really anything that you can do about it.

If it’s Expert server, then please contact your controller.

This seems to be on the training server, so there is not much that can be done about it, but it seems it is just the controller who was inexperienced. It will happen sometimes.

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Judging by your screenshot it appears that your internet connection is rather weak.

Are you on WiFi or cellular service?


It could just be a connection issue on either end, where the messages weren’t sending or the controller wasn’t receiving the messages.


Even so if it is Training server, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Although I could be wrong.

Guys please,

Everyone rushes into these support threads without seeing the obvious. Just have a look again at the WiFi and Cellular signal bars.

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Could you move closer to your router or perhaps move to a better area for a better cellular signal to see if ATC can hear you with a better internet connection? Let’s start from there to see if we can sort this out for you.


In this situation the internet connection can be the issue, but i had 4 times this.In other case i was seeing the other pilots messages and ATC messages but ATC hadn’t no response for me.

Okay, this will be difficult to sort out of internet connection is the major contributing factor. We strongly recommend that you maintain a strong and stable internet connection. As for ATC, if you aren’t on the Expert Server then anything could be taking place on the Training Server.

It must be on training server as today’s feature airports do not include EGLL. Just thought I’d make it clear for those replying above.

Also for you people above, as regulars or well known people on the community, you above should be waiting for the op to respond before replying even more worthless things. Support is supposed to help people, not make them have to read tons of worthless replies that don’t help them once soever.


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