The ATC can’t listen to me

Hello everyone 👋
I was approaching at LZSH . When I contacted the approach, the approach gave me a instruction , so I followed the instruction , and I kept flying in that direction and altitude , but I flew farther and farther. And below of the plane was full of mountains, very dangerous, but ATC still did not give me instructions, so I check in twice, but still did not answer me, and I was about to build a mountain, so I end of flight . But I can hear the ATC . And I don’t know if is my problem or the problem of IF .
Thank you very much all 😉

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Do you know the name of the approach controller?


Hello !
Yes I know.

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@Kamaniya will be able to help you out with your concern.

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This could be one of those rare situation where communication between you and the controller broke down. Happens sometimes. As mentioned, wait for the controller to contact you. She will be able to see in her replay whether she made an error, or if indeed the comms broke down.

In future, rather than end the flight, you could change your flight plan, tune out of Approach frequency and divert to another airport, and land.


Kamaniya had already contact with me , thank you for you help , thank you very much all.