The ATC and HUD Slider button, burned into screen (Not A Complaint)

This is not a complaint! I have played this game on my S5 for ages lol. Apparently I have played this game so much, that I have burned the ATC and HUD Slider Button into my screen haha. Has anyone else had this happen to them? At first, I thought it might have been just my eyes from staring at the game for a long period of time. But as I just noticed, when I turn my phone on, and my cell providers screen comes up (All White), you can just now start to make out the 2 symbols in the bottom left corner. Think it might be time to limit my usage! 😂😂😂


It happens when you have an AMOLED Screen.

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Now I have to go check to see if I have the same issue.

UPDATE: turns out I have the same issue. I even have the boxes from the atc burned into my screened. Never noticed it until not because one day on a trip the teacher collected phones and my huge phone went on the bottom so the edges are yellow from being left in the sun. The yellow makes the image burned into the screen harder to see


Haha, I think pretty soon I’ll have my whole toolbar at the bottom lol.

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On the old iPad Mini 1 I seem to have all the buttons

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