The Astrojet to Toncontin!

Hi everybody !
I took today the Astrojet to Toncontin, one of the most dangerous airport in the world. It was my first time there and it was terrifying, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with full ATC coverage.

Flight details
American Airlines - Astrojet Livery
Boeing 737-800
Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW) => Toncontin Intl. (MHTG)
Expert Server

PS : totally forgot to mention but I passed the 1 000 000 XP mark on this flight !

Here are two pics I took on final approach


First one is brilliant
Keep up!

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Thank you ! Thought that one was special when I took it that’s why I wanted to share it ;)

Wow ! 16 likes for a simple picture like that, thank you so much everybody means a lot ;)

Make that 17 ;)

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Too high ;-)

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Just like me,I‘m the king of “too high”and“Going around”!

I really like the first picture!

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Well the PAPI lights can get a bit weird on an approach like that, plus it was my first time give me some slack ahaha

Thanks, appreciate it !

Try and send me a video of your try at the RNAV 02, first time no cheating ! The hardest approach I’ve done in IF really terrifying thought I was gonna crash

Forgot to mention, but it was the flight we’re I finally passed the million XP mark, quite excited about that ! And what a special flight for this great achievement