The Asheville Flyout🏔️{ENDED}

Signed up. Thanks 😊!


I’ll be joining from a car, so hopefully my hotspot connection is good enough. I apologize if I disconnect!

Also, if @YT_Sniegutizzz want’s to fly, I’d be happy to do ATC for them.

I’ll be half an hour late due to my ATC training session.

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Okay, so you want me to cover for you?

Yes, I do want.

Ok, So @Delta174J is going to do it. If you want to do a flight you could do this one
AVL-LGA Republic airways E175

Don’t forget to spawn in at 9AM EST

Don’t forget to spawn in at 9AM EST!

The event will now be happening at 8! @member_of_oneworld and I apologize for the all the confusion.

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I will be covering ATC and then flying if I have time, until @YT_Sniegutizzz can cover.

Ok, You want The republic E175

Sure, that sounds amazing!

Alright!,I will probably return back since AVL-CLT is so short😂

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Everybody can spawn in now!!

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You can spawn in now and the others can

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@member_of_oneworld you waiting for people to spawn in before flying?

No, It looks like nobody’s coming
If you want to hop in a CR9 and head to charlotte with me you can

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Ok. Do some circles and wait for me!


You don’t have a flight plan filed?