The Asheville Flyout🏔️{ENDED}

Asheville,NC is a town in the App Mountains range that is also known for crime💀…. In asheville-fletcher area you’ll find Asheville Regional airport (AVL-ICAO:KAVL).

These are the routes you can take
American CR9-Charlotte:@member_of_oneworld
Delta 717-Atlanta: @bbb_aviation
Allegiant A320-Tampa:@Delta174J
Jetblue e190-Boston logan:@AA_MIA
American E175 AVL-DFW:@SamB777
Arriving routes⬇️
ATL-AVL:Delta 717:
LGA-AVL:American E175
PIE-AVL: Allegiant A320:
LEX-AVL:CL35 NetJets:
All other flights will be GA:
GA people⬇️
Spawn at hangars or aprons all options are free flight
GA people
1:P-38 Touch and goes: @DJW

AVL tower&ground: @YT_Sniegutizzz Banner assit.@Delta174J


Time 2023-10-28T12:00:00Z2023-10-28T14:00:00Z

All arriving flight will have to leave early so we can have Arrivals and departures at that same time (9AM when the departures start)(7AM arriving flights need to arrive at 9:05AM on that saturday


We need people!

I think I will be able to take this

I’ll take the Delta to Atlanta, I would like to fly the 717, nice to fly it once in a while…

I’ll do some touch n goes in the p-38

Ok!, I will sign you up

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Ok, That’s fine

Ok!, Signed up!

Thank you guys!, Hopefully we can get some more people

We have spots left!

Hi! Can I please have the Allegiant flight to Tampa?

Also, if you need any assistance with banners, I’d be happy to help!

Ok!, The banner thing would be a lot of help. Thanks!!, I got you signed up!.

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Here you go!

Thanks a lot!

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No problem! If you need anything else, I’d be happy to help with other banners or more organization. :)

Ok! 38:8:&10 characters)

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New routes added!
Arriving LGA-AVL AA E175
Departure AVL-DFw E175 AA

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Can I take the jetBlue e190 to BOS?

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Your welcome, Your signed up!

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I’ll take this. Congrats on the TL2!!!

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