The Art of Questioning Objectively

The Art of Questioning Objectively



This is a must, guys. As an essential life skill, questioning objectively and exercising good judgement is right up there with breathing. Yes, it’s that important. Today, I will be outlining how to do that.

Don’t know how something works or why a rule is in place? Instead of pulling up Wikipedia or consulting a fan forum, look at what you’re trying to prove in the first place and ask why that concept is there. It’s street cred, bro, go, lo, po, ro, or whatever street gang talk you can come up with.

If you’ve read my cool rhymes, I assume you want to know how to go about asking questions in this way and coming up with a conclusion where you can either support your own argument or abstain from it. Well, here you go:

Steps to Ask Questions

  1. Identify the rule or guideline (basically the boring part).
  2. Observe what it’s for. What does it apply to? Any exceptions?
  3. Ask yourself why someone would make that rule.
  4. Place yourself in their shoes. Imagine the opposite spectrum.
  5. Achieve nirvana and realize that everything you’ve ever known in your life is a lie. But really, take the case you’ve analyzed and compare it with the point you’re trying to make. Kaboom!

If you use this five step process, there is a 97% chance that you will sound like Einstein after drinking three cases of Red Bull and less of a general idiot who is waiting to get roasted, propped on a spit, revolved around a fire with marshmallows, and then chased across a beach by natives with tribal spears who think you’re a fleshy spirit trapped in human form (thumbs up if you got the reference).

Everything exists for a reason, people. Why do you think Arby’s has a policy regarding hands around a meat chopper? People don’t wanna find lopped off fingers in their sandwiches. Same goes for the 550 GS under FL400- we don’t need people speeding into an airport and winching up the approach corridor. A lot of the noise on this forum comes from guys who want to throw up an argument or real world pretext without thinking or questioning objectively.

But wait, Josh. I strongly protest this with suggestive phrases!

  • Well, that’s fine, but you don’t need to go running around acting like your version of events or whatever is the only one. What about other people? What about Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman! where the poor dog is just looking for a bone and he can’t get it because the kids are being mean to him and he’ll wind up alone and hungry in a sewer begging for his next meal at a McDonalds where they only thing they serve at nine in the morning is a Big Mac.

Want to have self respect for yourself and show the community that you exercise an aptitude for being considerate? I have three words in my head that will help you achieve this.

The Three Ds (don’t even go there, you dirty common folk)

  • Deliberate
  • Discuss
  • Deliver (solutions)

With those simple words, you will be well on your way to questioning correctly and stopping yourself from making blind assumptions or arguments about which side of the My Little Pony fandom is better. It applies to everything. Deliberate the point being made in your head, discuss it respectfully with the community, then deliver your version of how it should go to the members.


I get that some of you must be feeling like the guy right above this sentence after reading this much, but hang in there. Just one more thing to cover, and you’re free to go. It’s about knowing your limits.

When to Avoid Braking for Nobody

  • When a real world pilot or controller comes in and explains technicalities Seriously, people. Those guys have trained for years and know what they’re doing. You’re making yourself look like an idiot if you try to explain something you don’t know about to them.
  • When you’re using Wikipedia for your argument. Come on. You know better than that. I covered it earlier, and did so again just now. Reference to a professional in the last bullet point and investigate legitimate sources.
  • When you can’t help yourself from breaking forum etiquette to reply. Congrats. You broke your own rule of self respect, of which helps keep the forum running.

Yeah, that’s about it. Hopefully this post will help you avoid doing all those things when interacting in the community. Be a family, people. Be a… wreath of flowers, or whatever. And to conclude, I will now break the fourth wall to reach out of your screen and silently poke you in the eye. #mindblown

But knowing my luck, this is probably going to spiral into a 100+ post fight like what happened to the last one. We’ll see.


You lost me here. Of all the examples you could have used, too…

-Limiting airspeed on approach (especially when actively controlled) makes sense. I’ll give you that one.

-Limiting groundspeed while cruising in the air is asinine. It’s also outdated as violations are now given for airspeed excess, which brings me to the next point…

-Limiting airspeed in blanket form (M.87) while cruising regardless of aircraft actual MMO is just plain lazy if realism is the goal.


At the end of the day, it’s just an example. Practical application versus sim. The whole point of this post doesn’t revolve around that line. I don’t get why you wanted to take time out of your day to take one sentence out of many in something of this detail and closely scrutinize it. Yes, you can argue that by inclusion of it, it falls into on topic jurisdiction, but really.

At the end of the day, I don’t make the rules. My biggest concern does come from the approach corridor aspect, as you mentioned.

Whatever the moderating team comes up with has long run effects that they surely take into consideration. Totally fine with that. Makes our job easier in the end.


98% of the forum members need a TL;Dr lol.

Very well written Josh, and very interesting.


See like, I care about this forum and really want IF to be a better sim with all my heart. But damn, how do you sit and right something like this? This is really impressive. Thanks Josh

I was bored and had 20 minutes to spare. Sue me. ;)

Thanks, though! Appreciated. One post at a time that actually has meaning will make this community a better place.


Yeah. Thanks for putting your time and effort in to this

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You were right when you said you talk too much and get carried away!

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You guys got props from @Amalikyte1 deep from my heart friends… and I was like I will read this whole thing and at the end I will see if I have questions to ask…once done I realized all my questions were answered… so if talking is silver then silence is GOLD

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This is unheard of, logic on the forums?!?

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It takes seeing to believe. ;)

Four years of AP literature classes kind of does that to you. The formatting was ingrained in my head against my own free will.

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