The Art of Purchasing Flights

Hey IFC!

Just this evening, I purchased plane tickets. You may ask, where to? And my answer is, no where! So, what am I doing?

Since I am an AvGeek, I love flying. It is probably my favorite way to spend time. However, flying is not cheap (usually), so, when I do fly, I try my best to keep the costs down. The way I do that is (drumroll please):

Google Flights!

This is, by far, one of the best resources I know of to purchase flights. Google Flights streamlines all of the booking processes, and gives you the best fares, the best times, the best airlines etc.

Continuing, I use Google Flights to plan elaborate days of flying that I plan out months in advance. Typically, I go on these day trips once every 2,3, or 4 months. Personally, I try to combine the best prices, the most flights, and the coolest aircraft/airline.

Next week, I have a flight on American Airlines from BWI-PHL (E175); PHL-CLT (B752); and finally CLT-RDU (A320). The price: $171 USD. Now, you may be asking, “That doesn’t sound like a very good deal!” Well, get this. These are all in first class, including lie-flat seats on the 752! So, doing the simple math, each first class flight is only costing me around $57 USD, which is a total steal! (my return is a WN B737 RDU-BWI, which I got for free because of miles) And, as I mentioned before, I just booked another itinerary for November, with the following plan: BWI-BNA (NKS A320); BNA-CLT-RDU (both AA A319s); RDU-ATL (DL B752); ATL-DCA (DL A321). One thing to note is that the 2 DL flights are in first class. The total for the 5 flights was around $240 USD, including two first class flights. That is a win in my book.

So, have you/do you do day-flights like this?


Oh, welcome to RDU,

Yes I do agree google flights is the most superior

RDU is interesting. They always seem to have ultra-cheap deals on all of the American carriers.

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I need money so I can do this with you lmao

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I used google flights for every single one of my flights in the past couple of years. I am deeply satisfied with it and is very easy to use.

I think the deals are so cheap seeing CLT is one of American’s hubs.

I do them every other week just about. They are fun to do just to get our the house and enjoy life.

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That’s awesome! And all in first class that’s a steal for sure

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That’s a steal! Enjoy your flights!

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