The around the world challenge (With Rules and YouTube videos)

Hi guys I’m doing the around the world challenge and I will upload the flight videos to my channel SPB2727 Gaming! I’ve started in Dubai went to many other places on the east cost of Asia and I’ve crossed the pacific so I’m now in LA

The rules are…

You can do this on your own time there is no time limit

You need to go around the world twice once northern hemisphere and once the Southern Hemisphere

You need to do real world flights that you can find on a tracker or flight booking website

You need to take screenshots for proof of the flight log of you at the end of your flight plan

Have fun!!!

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Here is the playlist of videos so far
Click here


I have a post like this where I have scheduled flights to go around the world twice weekly.

I’m up for this, might take a week or so. (no limits on distance traveled?, I mean I could do KLAX-EGLL-RKSI-KLAX call it done, there is a min distance in real life)

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I mean you could do that but then you would have do go round in the Southern Hemisphere too

I saw that after I thought of it but there is a difference this ones is mostly custom any route that is in real life I think yours is already assigned right?? I’m not 100% sure I didn’t read the whole thing

What I did was I started in Dubai so I could do a flight to Australia on the second run

If you need any more information click Here

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