The Arabian Dunes | Patience in 2021

Welcome to another episode of “We Explore!”.

Last episode, we went over the Mexican Gulf and discussed the beauty of Mexico, along with encouraging people to take a look there, we discussed a Mexican quote, and showcased one of my favorite shots across some nice, mixed, colorful, shades of water along Mexico’s coast.


🍃 “.اصبر تنل”


“Be patient and you’ll get what you want.” 🌱


Today, we get to explore…

Saudi Arabia!

The home of food, culture, and one of the world’s leading religions, Islam.

This country is actually more recent than you think, and is less than 100 years old!

Shocking, I know! Despite that, I’d like to take a more focused approach on Saudi Airlines, the star of today’s episode!

I have a personal connection with this airline, here’s why.

Saudi Airlines was founded in 1945, just at the end of WW2. KSA had only been a trade desert with small private planes. The US then decides that TWA, (Trans World Airline) will help create an aviation industry there as a focusing hub in the Middle East, they went on to gift them a Boeing 777, and a few hundred employees, and huzzah, Saudi Airlines.

Now you may ask, where’s the personal tie? Well, with the uprise of American employees, Saudi Airlines founded the very American school I go to today! :)


🗺:: Route: OEMA-OERK
✈️:: Aircraft: A319
👨‍✈️:: Airline: Saudi Airlines
🎧:: Server: Online/Casual


Smooth landing in Mecca, shortly before heading to Riyadh.

Taxing to our parking gate. -131FPM.

Parked, awaiting the arrival of my flight of 2 partner.


I hope you liked today’s post! I sincere thank you to the Infinite Flight team for helping us explore the world from our homes!

Like what you see? I’ll be posting a photo every 2 days shining light on a country that we can all explore as a community through many images, if you’d like to see stuff like this earlier, follow my Instagram at @fly.akm!

Liking this photo would be awesome and will keep me motivated! Stay safe pilots!

Feel free to PM any advice on how to make this “series”


I like it, it is amazing


Thank you very much! Make sure to fly over to KSA sometime!


I visit in real life it is very cool


Awesome photos there, love the last two!


The camera views here are the best part. I didn’t even know that livery existed, great job!

-The Flying Trekkie


Awesome! Hope you had a great time!



Thank you! Maybe now, you can give it a go! This livery can be found on the reworked B777, so go ahead and treat yourself to a long haul!


…I guess I can. See me in the sky!

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