The APPR (auto land) Didn’t work.

I was on final from Hong Kong to some Chinese airport 220 miles away and I was about to make my right turn to line my self up with the runway for final and I engaged the appr and it took me somewhere completely different. I checked the gps and it was the run way that I was landing at. It was super weird. Someone know why?

Sadly, APPR isn’t perfect. This is a known issue which happens from time to time. To stop this from happening in the future, line up with the runway and ensure you are on the glideslop then activate APPR. This should guarantee you to land on the correc runway on the centreline.

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Please provide a bit more information so we can better assist! What runway was your approach set for, speed, alt, any photos of this?


I was on approach RW 01, Liangjjang (ZKGL) at around 180 ktts in a 737-800.

Do u have a screenshot?

No I do not

just as an aside, you might want to try a slower speed for landing the bird, try about 150kts… wouldnt have made a differencce on this occasion, however will certainly make your landings a bit easier!