The App Keeps Crashing!

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m exaggerating a bit, it doesn’t ‘always crash’.

I was coming to the end of my flight from Cebu Int’l (or whatever it’s called) to Manila. I was being vectored in, and actually looking forward to landing at this airport for the first time, when Infinite Flight decided it had had enough and crashed on me! This was most annoying because I was on my base leg, so 5 more minutes and I’d have had enough time to land.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. It isn’t common, but it certainly isn’t a rare occurrence. I know it’s not my device either; I’ve spoken to other IF users and they’re having the same issue.

Hopefully this can be looked into and sorted, or there’s a setting I can change to make game crashes less frequent- or just non-existent all together!


Im not a tech expert but Its best that you put as much information about the phone, OS, IF version and settings, so that either IFC members or can staff can best help you with the situation.

Here is a list of helpful information:

  1. Phone Model
  2. OS & IF version
  3. Storage Space
  4. Settings you are using

Sorry to hear.

First of all, have you gone through the various steps given in the FAQ?

Happens to me usually when Approaching into a busy airspace. Like literally. Everything looked perfectly fine until it just decided to crash. Also quite rarely. 😉


It actually happened to me for the time in a while, I was on short final when it happened :/ Anyways, it usually is normal, especially when you are in a locally busy area like the FNF or region of the day where there are a lot of other aircraft.

oops… no, i haven’t read that. sorry 😬

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Almost always happened to me until i turned on Low Power Mode. Try doing that?

hmm. i’ll give that a go.


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