The Antarctic Group Flight!

Wait? Why are there only 2 gates per wave when the airport has up to 15 that can all fit the C-17?

Oh wait… Nvm lol!

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Just give me a gate and I’ll shut up lol

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Sounds good 👍🏻

I can no longer attend

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No problem, I’ll remove you.

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Event bump!! Let’s get some more signups.

This one for me

I’ll sign you up!

Event bump!

Let’s get some more signups!

Event bump! Let’s get some more signups!

This event is in one week, so the flight plan has now been posted!!

The event is in 3 days!! Let’s get a couple more signups.

I’m in I will do wave 5

I’ll sign you up!

Ill go in wave 5

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It’s event day!!

Alright, now this looks like a awesome event. Put me down for wave 6!

Got it, I’ll sign you up.