The Antarctic Group Flight!


Hello Infinite Flight Community, and welcome to my next group flight event! The 7th Airlift Squadron is a branch of the 62nd Airlift Wing, and is based in Seattle, Washington. Every Antarctic summer, this squadron deploys their C-17s to Christchurch, New Zealand, to fly the cargo flights to and from McMurdo station, Antarctica. Without these crucial flights, McMurdo research station wouldn’t have enough supplies to keep running, and countless scientists wouldn’t be able to conduct their research on the icy continent. Come join me for this awesome group flight event!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airports: Christchurch Intl. Airport (NZCH) - McMurdo Ice Runway (NZIR)
Date & Time: 2023-11-25T20:00:00Z

Wave 1 (FULL)

Spawn Time: 2023-11-25T20:00:00Z

Apron: Aircraft Pilot
Z6 C-17 @Ryan_Carney
Z7 C-17 @Wonderousbuilder641
Wave 2 (FULL)

Spawn Time: 2023-11-25T20:05:00Z

Apron: Aircraft Pilot
Z6 C-17 @Carlos_Sousa
Z7 C-17 @Prestoni
Wave 3 (FULL)

Spawn Time: 2023-11-25T20:10:00Z

Apron: Aircraft Pilot
Z6 C-17 @BenjiTheBull
Z7 C-17 @Jay003
Wave 4 (FULL)

Spawn Time: 2023-11-25T20:15:00Z

Apron: Aircraft Pilot
Z6 C-17 @IG.lxl_29_lxl
Z7 C-17 @PhorzaSky
Wave 5 (FULL)

Spawn Time: 2023-11-25T20:20:00Z

Apron: Aircraft Pilot
Z6 C-17 @pascal_landrove
Z7 C-17 @mis_6309
Wave 6

Spawn Time: 2023-11-25T20:25:00Z

Apron: Aircraft Pilot
Z6 C-17
Z7 C-17

Flight Parameters

Departure Airport: NZCH

Departure runway: 20

Accent VS: 2500 fpm

Cruise Altitude: 26000 ft.

Cruise Speed: M .74

Decent VS: -1500 fpm

Arrival Airport: NZIR

Arrival Runway: 29

Separation: 3-5 nm

Flight Time: 5 hours 30 minutes


Christchurch Airport



• I am not responsible for any violations

• Please follow the flight parameters above

• If ATC is not present, use the traffic frequency correctly

• Act professionally throughout the event

• Have fun!

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As always, please let me know if there’s anything I am missing. I hope to see you there!


this please

I’ll sign you up!

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Give me any gate

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You got it!

Yes please

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I’ve got you signed up.

I just realized this is 5 hrs 🤣🤣🤣

Yup, it’s not a short flight by any means!

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Looks like i’m taking wave 3

Nvm, Ille actually do wave 3

I’ll get you both signed up!

@Wonderousbuilder641 @BenjiTheBull This is actually quite similar to what GAF (global air forces) does each winter.
We fly lc-130s out of Schnectady, New York, where the 139th AS is based. They route down to Christchurch for our winter (Antarctica’s summer) and then from there send their lc-130s (which are ski equipped!!) down to McMurdo. What’s special is that most of these flights continue down to Antarctica’s South Pole Station to send supplies to the base located there. If you’re interested in flying the ski here down to the pole, please contact a GAF recruiter and they’ll get you squared away. (This is not an advertisement for GAF by the way. I think it’s the best VO out there, but you don’t need to feel obligated to sign up.)


Nice! I am currently in training for GAF!

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That’s cool! I chose the C-17 for this group flight mainly because it specializes in the Christchurch - McMurdo route. The LC-130 has a lot more routes within Antarctica though

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Oh lemme tell you, the lc-130 specializes far more than the c-17. The 139th AS has 10 of these bad boys doing daily rotations either to and from McMurdo, or from McMurdo to the South Pole. I have seen c-17s go to McMurdo, but not NEARLY as frequent as the lc-130s.

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Nice! I’m currently certified on 3 planes in GAF, the F/A-18, the F-16, and the (L/E/W/A/M/H/K)C-130.

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The c-17, however, is a fine choice. I’m not criticizing your choice of aircraft or anything like that, just letting you know @Wonderousbuilder641

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W4 Z6 Please :)

I’ll sign you up!