The Anchorage Aesthetic | Summer 2022

Hello Community!

Anchorage! It was on the bucket list for a long time, but it finally happened over the summer. It’s considered by many to be one of the greatest airports out there for spotting due to long sunlight hours (11 PM sunset!) in the summer and incredible scenery.

Runway 33 is the ideal configuration because the orientation of the sun and location of the primary spot, but I was in town for three days and all three days had exclusively 15 operations because of course they did.

It just feels right to edit Anchorage photos a little more artistically than normal, because that’s the whole vibe the place gives off.

Also, thank you to @Altaria55 who believed in my spotting abilities with 15 operations when no one else did.

Starting off, a UPS 747 taking off into the distance.

A Korean 777 landing with some nice clouds.

Everts MD-83 being extremely loud.

Christmas tree American A321 NEO.

United 737 MAX 9 matching the scenery vibe.

Anchorage Coastal Trail and a plane. Definitely worth a ride if you happen to be there.

Short plane, long shutter.

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Lovely shots! My favorite one was the American A321 Neo! :)

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So generous of them to release you from your all-year mandatory studying lockdown for a little bit. Nice photos.

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skill issue tbh

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Back to the studying lockdown now when does this nightmare end

I was gonna ask you where ur anchorage photos are but I think you’ve been oops



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I thought there wasn’t any scenery north of 60° 😟😟

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maybe so

i built it all myself

how dare you

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Cale🅱️ gets 🅱️eaned

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You’re icy

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when is the las vegas aesthetic topic


desert and 110 degree weather aint an aesthetic

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and other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

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my achorage photos are in your walls 👹👹👹

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As always, stunning pictures! 👏

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ooh look at me there is orange rock in the background of my photo that i sacrificed 20 pounds of water weight in sweat to get


Thank you!