The ANA A380

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I just want to know if the IF Community likes ANA(All Nippon Airways) placing an order 3 A380s. In my opinion I think, its a good idea and a bad idea. For the good side, it gives hope for the A380 program and its bad for the following reasons. The A380 is already losing in productivity, due to airlines realizing that the A380 wastes a lot of fuel because its a heavy plane and its got four engines. The 787 though, is very fuel efficient and aerodynamic. People are saying that the Dreamliner is probably the best commercial aircraft there ever was. Don’t get me wrong but the 777, A350, A330, and etc are fuel efficient, aerodynamic, and etc. A report states that the 787 got 1,294 orders and unfortunately the A380 got 331 orders. As you can see the Dreamliner got more orders than the superjumbo. Thank you!


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The parts for the aircraft just arrived! Feel free to chat on it here.

I wasn’t so sure if my topic that I was gonna create was a duplicate of that but thank you!

No worries! Next time, search before posting. Thanks!