The amphitheater Amy


@Canadian_Aviator told me about a glitched airport called OITZ so I went there. It still looks better than DCA.

Mini-mod repellent

Route: Better than DCA → Better than DCA
Plane: The one that needs a rework
Flight time: Did you really think I would count?

Also don’t mind the title it was a typo but it’s funnier than the original title I had in mind so I’m keeping it.

See? I told you it was better than DCA!

Giving @Meh the vibe check.

Pulling 8G’s while @Canadian_Aviator commits treason against @Meh by driving through his A330.

Thanks to the default Apple photo editor I can’t fix the halos around the planes. It’s still better than @Suhas though.

@Canadian_Aviator is in Australia.

We’ll be right back.

Now a quick word from our sponsor… RAID SHADO-


Turns out @Meh is a pretty good formation flyer.

Don’t ask…

“The snack that breaks your back; MY LANDING!”

Staring into the eyes of Captain Fred and his unnamed co-pilot.

Now you can’t kick my from our PM @fly.akm. 😏

Thank you to @Meh and @Canadian_Aviator for not crashing.

And thank you for putting up with my sub-standard topic.

My sense of humor is broken.



This was just beautiful


Haha, I laughing really hard right now after what I just read! Nice job!

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Best topic of the month so far. Thanks for coming!

My sleep schedule is*


Buddy I said we were gonna have a party there I told you to go there. You just suggested I go there.

Also thank you @Wesley_Fry and @Canadian_Aviator (why am I tagging you in a reply to you)?


Yeah why are you lol!

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I’m sorry but OITZ is just better than DCA. It’s the truth.

Mega cap and you know it

Heck bro, a green strip in IF is better than DCA


Also this post is just sad

You’re not even trying to give aspiring editors and screenshotters a chance with these insanely gorgeous angles and editing skills man

Great airport choice too

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Thank you sir. I apologize to any new screenshotters out there for just being so legendary at what I do. 😜

Ok I usually don’t laugh at these kind of things but this got me chuckling. 😂

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Well then I have succeeded at my task.

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excuse me? You rhumour is BAD? …well your right but it made me laugh

This is an unifinished puzzle that need to be unpuzzeled. but if its unpuzeled that will make it worse wont it? will it? sauce is cream? @Butter_Boi help meout here

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I’m not big on puzzles you can “unpuzzle” it for me. 🧩

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…fine who is in your profile pic and why is the credit to @Aviation108 ?


It’s a fine looking person who ever it is, don’t know why they’d credit @Aviation108 though


plot twist: its Aviation108


On another note, nice shots Can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter-individual. Interesting topic you have…:

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