The amount of time it takes for Infinite flight to rework a plane?

Hello everyone,

How long does it take for infinite flight to completely rework a plane? I have been looking but didn’t find anything. :/

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Infinite Flight doesn’t release any time for when a rework is expected to be done. You just have to wait and see.

Edit: The only thing you pretty much get are teasers which let you know how close they are to production but there is no real date.

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4-6 months that’s what i think,and depends.

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Ok. I see.

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The B777 and the A220 and the B757 took a year and I bet the 16C jet is going to be a year in my opinion

So im guessing the topic can be closed now.

The amount of time it takes for a plane to be reworked in Infinite Flight is non-trivial. I’ll link the blog article below where they use the A350-900 as an example, but for those who are looking for a quick answer for how long it’ll take to rework a plane, an excerpt from the article is posted below.

More information can be found in this article.


As far as I know, they don’t have the army of 3D drawers that larger sim companies have, so it takes them a bit longer to make a quality plane. But again, that’s as far as i know

It depends on the size of the aircraft, but IF artists have been doing an incredibly fast work on rework a plane.

I’m not sure but I have seen some folks trash them over the time it takes. I know some other mobile flight Sims pump out new aircraft all the time but thr quality seems much lower so it’s kinda get what you pay for deal

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To add onto the already fantastic replies, there are many things that can crop up in testing that can delay a rework/ update by weeks, even sometimes months. It’s happened before and can certainly happen again. Cough Nate.

Theres a lot going on behind the scenes sometimes even before a rework or new aircraft is announced, so the real amount of time can be even longer than it at first seems.

Release dates put too much pressure on development and can lead to people being let down if there is a delay or missing feature. Trust me, that extra wait is always worth it 🤓

Thanks everyone for these amazing replies. My question has been answered this topic can be closed.

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