The Amount of Dislike Topics and Other Nonsense

The amount of dislike topics seems to be growing.
Am I the only one who thinks these kind of topics are utterly futile?
Taste is not debatable and the same goes for opinions.
And the most important question could be: “Who cares?!!”.
I really don’t.
Maybe something could be done to minimize the amount or to create a separate category maybe?
All these nonsense topics make me want to visit or be part of the community less and less.
This place is going down hill. Shame.

There is so much valuable information to be found here.
Unfortunately it’s being buried under a mountain of nonsense and harder to find.


A good majority of the boards I am a member on have “Chat” areas. This forum does not.

This is what I’ve said many times. I almost feel stupid telling people to search the forum for answers. When you search for something, you still need to sort through a steaming pile of 💩 to find it.


You could always use PM with a group.

@Jan Thank you for posting this …


I got to agree with you. Seems to be like people are trying to start arguments on purpose.


So true!
I really don’t want to miss out on all the valuable information that is already to be found here and is still being added by very committed people.

On January 6th I’ll be here one year.
A lot has happened in the past year.

I really don’t like to see this place being reduced to a speculating, bickering bunch of people creating tons of nonsense topics.


@Jan maybe this should be in #meta?

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Could be, I’m not sure.

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It already is? :/

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@Jan absolutely right 5 stars for you, the amount of pointless topics and pointless arguments that are going on on here is quite ridiculous…


Neither am I …

@grxninesix just changed it to #meta


HI Jan, fully agree with you. there is an awful amount of silly stuff on here. Great info as well but you have to struggle to find it sometimes!

I think this is partly because of the general age group of this forum, most other forums the age average is much older (well they are about Campervan and Motor Boat ownership!).


Like I said, I’m not sure.

This is the first post in #meta:

"The Meta category is here to discuss the workings of the forum itself. This is the place to ask questions if:

You wonder how a feature works.
You wonder if a feature is available.
You wish to request a feature.
You’re having a problem with a feature of the forum."

I don’t think my topic fits this description but I don’t care enough about it to go in to it further.
It’s about the content. I don’t care in which category it does or doesn’t fit.


The average age is a big part of this.
FDS makes a lot of money on this age group.
Therefore it’s unlikely things will change.

I just renewed Live+ for the second time.
So my third year of Live+ and maybe soon my second year on the forum. A big maybe though. I don’t know how long I’d like to stay part of the forum the way it is at the moment.


Just to be clear; FDS is a business and as such has a business model in place. It needs to make money. It’s that simple.
When most people buying the product are kids, than that will be reflected in the community.
The majority is very important.
So I’d probably do the same.

That doesn’t mean I like how this place is developing. In fact I really don’t. That’s probably because I’m old and my age is so far from the average one. :)

There are many issues with the way things are going at the moment.
People are telling each other what to do, starting arguments, changing titles and categories without further communication, debating futile subjects, posting stuff just to be noticed, saying everything they want while hiding behind a fictive name and photo, and so on.
All sort of legitimate ways people seem to behave in groups.
That doesn’t mean I like it.
That also doesn’t mean nothing can be done.
But if I was FDS I wouldn’t want to alienate the majority either, so at the cost of loosing a few, the business model keeps IF going.
It is what it is.


perhaps there should be an ‘off-topic’ area where people can talk pros-cons for each manufactory etc and so leave the rest of the forum for more specific IF related discussion? Either that or ask the mods to change the rules so that non IF topics can be removed?

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This is why that probably isn’t going to happen.

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It’s one of the main reasons why I don’t post as much anymore. There’s far too many, ‘what’s your favourite’ or banal (in my opinion) ‘what do you think about…’ type topics. Although I could always not whinge about it and create my own fascinating and beguiling topics about things and stuff. But meh. Whatevs. :-)