The American Paro ! Landing competition at Cajamarca @SPJR 111600ZJAN20

Landing competition at the American Paro!


I recently found a small airport in the west of South America. The ICAO is SPJR and it got a really challenging approach (like in Paro) that is flown visually. I thought why not host a landing competition there!

About the destination

SPJR is a small airport that is 40 minutes north of Lima. The official name is Mayor General FAP Armando Revoredo Iglesias Airport, but it is mostly called Cajamarca. It can only be approached visually. The only runway suitable for landing is 34. After landing you have to backtaxi to one of the 2 A-320 gates. Even though this airport is small and challenging, 3 airlines operate there.

General event information:

Server: Training



Aircraft and livery: LATAM A-319


Because the airport only has 2 suitable gates, you will have to land, taxi to the end of the runway and takeoff again. Because of this complicated procedure you will have to keep a lot of seperation. You are allowed to choose your own cruise speed and altitude, but you have to keep the seperation. After takeoff you have to turn left to avoid landing planes. When you have reached FL120 you can turn right again and head back to Lima. Because of this we will need full experienced ATC. I will do Approach/Departure myself but i need somebody for Tower/Ground. Nobody is allowed to spawn into the airport during the event.

Gates avaible

Gate 12

Gate 13

Gate 14

Gate 15

Gate 16

Gate 17

Gate 18

Gate 19

Gate 20






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