The American A320 has a different engine in the menu than in the actual game

Here’s the image of the American A320 when you choose the plane:

Here’s the image of the American A320 in the actual game:


I honestly can’t see the difference.

The engine. The problem is known

There was a previous topic regarding the same thing. Check it out here:

Yeah it’s like that on multiple liveries for the 321 like the ACA 322 shows IAE V2500 but when you load the flight it has the CFM 56
And vice versa for the BAW 321 it shows CFM 56 engines but in the game it has IAE V2500 engines equipped.

318 has broken winglets in menu too


We’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed, and we’ve been quite possibly, bamboozled!


If that’s sarcasm, 10/10. If you are serious, I can take you to the eye doctor with me tomorrow to get my eyes checked.

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I’m being serious.

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On a serious note, it must be been a miss-communication between the developers. I’m sure it’ll be fixed in the next update.

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The V2500 is longer, and shorter in height. It has a hair dryer kind of shape.

Credit: IAE V2500 engine check by Celebi Operation | Qatar Airways h… | Flickr

The CFM56 (Airbus A320 version) is taller in height. Also notice the protrusion out of the back compared to the cleaner shape of the V2500.


The same with the A318. In the menu it has wingtips but when I start the flight it has scharklets.

This is a known issue on G-MISH.

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