The Amazing World of Drones


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Hello Infinite Flight Community, and welcome to the Amazing World of Drones!

This is a thread where you can talk all about drones, and your achievements using them. You are also allowed to ask as many drone-related questions as your heart desires! Please make sure to read over the thread rules before posting. Other than that, have fun!

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Do: Answer drone-related questions ✅

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Here’s the first message to christen this topic🍾

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Here is the second message to christen an amazing topic by 2 of my best friends! 🥳🥳🥳


Here is the third message

Getting on topic I used to have a drone or two but I always crashed them lol. This was when I was around 8 so I had NO experience at all with them


Putting this here for anyone who doesn’t realize just how epic Zipline really is


I once had a drone. Because I wanted to get shots from high altitude (drone wise) I made my drone go to its limit, it fell down a few hundreds meters, it didn’t get to fly again 😅



Once had a drone, not a very expensive one. Didn’t have it for long, as I found out the hard way some drones aren’t meant to swim when the battery runs out


Lol I love how this thread just immediately turns into crash stories


I’ve always wanted to have one, but here in Singapore you can’t fly drones in a lot of places due to aviation traffic inbound and outbound of WSSS, WSAP&WSSL

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Oh, that sucks :(

Imagine if Zipair started operating zip line drones lmao

That be interesting. Zipline is working with many different companies at the moment so there is a possibility

FAR Part 108, gotta love it.

This is exactly why I still doubt the viability of drones in an urban environment, at least B2C


Here are some photos from my DJI Mini 2




Wow that’s amazing! I also have a DJI mini 2

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@Camille if you have the time you might want to share some things here

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I’m not too worried. The more that technology advances and older delivery methods become more economically unviable, the more likely it is that delivery drones delivering Amazon goods and fast food are feasible. People can come up with ideas fast but trying to develop those ideas into reality will take time, however, in the end, the idea will become something that people will be thankful for. Zipline has already shown that they can start with very little and create something truly extraordinary.

i have probably broken many laws flying mine. regardless, here are some of my favorite shots from my Mavic Air 2